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Nick Mary Explains Easy Ways to Identify Transmission Troubles

When it comes to diagnosing car troubles you may think that it is impossible. However, if you consider the problems in terms of how you would consider issues with your own body the diagnosis becomes a bit easier. For example, if you have a stomach ache you are likely to think about what you had to eat last. You can think similarly when trying to figure out what is wrong with your car. As soon as you start hearing or feeling that something is not right with your vehicle it is time to start trying to figure out how to fix it.

A mechanical problem will typically be accompanied by a distinct sound or sensation. This is a clear indication that the vehicle is not functioning as designed. A transmission for a car takes a lot of use throughout the years and they are bound to have some problems after a while. Repairs for transmissions can be quite expensive, especially considering 3800 parts which is why it is a good idea to pay attention to anything out of the ordinary.

Trouble Going into Gear

There are still some people that prefer a manual transmission and while this is a simple operation there are things that can go wrong. One problem that may occur is the transmission refusing to budge when the clutch is pressed. This can happen when you are trying to go into first gear after a stop or at any time during the shifting process.

Some of the common causes for this is low transmission fluid or the wrong thickness of transmission fluid. It is important to always check your transmission fluid as this is one of the most common causes of transmission problems. Your fluid should be kept at a constant level so that your car will run smoothly.

Burning Smell

If you ever smell transmission fluid burning it is a good indicator that the transmission of the car is overheating. The transmission fluid is what keeps the parts of the car moving. It also prevents the transmission from burning up by providing cooling that is needed. Make sure to check for leaks and other issues as this is the main cause of problems.

Noises While in Neutral

When you hear noises while the car is shifting it is likely that the transmission is acting up. However, when you hear noises while the car is in neutral you may suspect that it is something else. However, it is possible that it is the transmission as well. A sound during neutral could be something simple and inexpensive and as with some of the other issues involving the transmission you may need to just add or replace the transmission fluid.

However, if there is a lot of noise while the car is in neutral it may indicate a more serious issue such as mechanical wear that will require parts being replaced. Some of the common issues include a reverse idler that is worn or bearings that are worn.

Check Engine Light

One of the best early indicators that something may be wrong with your transmission is that the check engine light comes on. While the check engine light may come on for any number of reasons that are unrelated to the transmission, it is important to not overlook this particular warning sign. Having transmission problems can be quite stressful as replacing a transmission can be expensive. However, if you take the time to listen to your car and treat it correctly you should not have any issues at all.

If you do have problems you can learn more about the common 3800 performance parts that are used to repair transmissions here.

By: Nick Mary