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How to Shave Your Balls

When it comes to male grooming, one topic has risen to the tops of the ranks and stayed there longer than any other has. Every man has their opinion, but one thing is for sure, love it or hate it, how to shave your balls is not a question you want to ask your old man. Shaving the pubic area isn’t something readily taught, and most guys don’t know what they are doing and decide to guesstimate. This can lead to disastrous consequences.

If you are looking for thinner, smoother, or more stylish options when it comes to managing the boys downstairs, then we have some options that can help keep you feeling fresh and clean. If there is one added benefit to keeping your balls neatly trimmed, it’s that you don’t have to put up with excessive sweat during the day. While many old-timers argue that is the purpose of pubic hair, nothing beats swinging free in the breeze.

If you are one of many who like to shave, then here are some top tips to help you out:

Step 1: Consider Trimming Back with Scissors (Not for Everyone)

One of the first introductions many men have when trimming their hairy balls is to use scissors in a moment of genius. Scissors remove hair, there is hair on your balls; you can see where this idea took off. The problem is kitchen scissors (convenience and genius go hand in hand, right) are not designed for pubic hair and can snag easily. This means you won’t be losing much hair, but you will be gaining painful memories and possibly swollen testis in the process.

Professional hairdressing scissors work best where you have excessive hair growth and need to tame the mane before applying smoothing techniques such shaving. These scissors will not give a smooth or possibly even uniform finish, but if you take your time, use a mirror, and don’t forget to reach around to the backs and underneath, you might be able to make it to a date on time with some decorum.

These shorter blades also ensure you don’t lose control, or overshoot the mark.

Stainless Steel 2000 5 ½ Blade

Step 2: Invest in a Quality Body Groomer

Most men agree that using non-electrical razors results in stubble and razor burn, nasty side effects of a brutally close shave. While you might think that using hair clippers would be the next best choice, these tend to have strong motors and sharp razors, which make them a terrifying prospect for such a sensitive area. Thankfully, a method in-between won’t result in bloodshed or rashes, but will get you super smooth!

A body groomer are like refined hair clippers, and is able to cut away at the pubic hair super close without damaging the skin or snagging the hair. These handheld devices also have different extensions that make it easier for you to trim, shape, and style your pubic hair into place; few men look better with no hair at all, but almost every man look better with some trimmed back, so find out which works best for you.

Philips Norelco BG2030 Body Groom Plus for Men

Step 3: Mark Some Time in the Calendar

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when shaving your balls is to do this as a rush job when you have somewhere else to be. Allocate an hour for beginners (but note that expert gents learn how to get professional results in much less time), to make sure that you have enough room to maneuver. You want to have the time, equipment, and desire to get the job done right to make this work safely.

Useful things to have nearby:

  • Body groomer
  • Scissors
  • Aftershave (without alcohol)
  • Handheld mirror
  • Running water

Step 4: It’s Time to Learn How to Shave Your Balls

The first (and most respected) technique to use is pulling the skin tight so that you can shave a smooth section without nicking the skin. Depending on your hair length, and if you have trimmed the hair back, you might want to adjust the blades to match. Move from top to bottom, and then underneath in small sections to make sure that you don’t cut yourself or miss an area. You can always come back at the end to double check.

Unlike facial shaving, gel might prove cumbersome, so test using some if you feel confident with your skin firming technique. Shaving gel can prevent you from seeing the area so only use it if you have a steady hand and lots of patience. As you use the body groomer to move around the balls, be sure to squat down and use a mirror to see which areas need trimming. It might surprise you how much hair is hiding in the back, so go as far as you are comfortable.

As you won’t be using a shaving gel for now, step 5 is a critical conditioning step that will prevent irritation.

Step 5: Add Balla Power (or any Finishing Touches)

The treatment after shaving is as indispensable as the shaving process as you have exposed and sensitive skin that benefits from sealing in the skins natural moisture. Balla powder can be used anywhere on the body, but as the name would suggest was specifically designed to go on freshly shaven balls to prevent irritation and wetness. It has a faint masculine smell, and will leave you feeling like you’ve been to the barbers – but less awkwardly so.

Balla Powder for Men

For more expert tips on how to address those awkward male grooming questions, grab your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming for the complete rundown.