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Viral Footwear Pioneers GEOX “MADE IT RAIN” In the Ultimate Urban Survival Test

Last year, GEOX went to the rainiest place on earth to prove the extreme qualities of its waterproof shoe collection for men — Amphibiox. This year GEOX proclaims, “WE MADE IT RAIN.” For the ultimate urban test, they made one guy live, work, and even date for 7 days in a nonstop rain cloud to test their footwear against one of the hardest elements of all — water. Having wet feet can cause a multitude of problems, as any active or retired military member can tell you (in World War 1 and 2 especially, soldiers were instructed to keep their feet dry as their number 1 personal care objective, as many men were succumbing to “trenchfoot,” a nasty foot disease that can lead to death when overly damp feet become bacterial breeding grounds. The damp conditions mean that feet become host to dry, flaky cracks that can quickly infect the bloodstream). Certainly not a pleasant way to go!

Geox Amphibiox: One Man For 7 Days In Nonstop Rain


In order to promote the waterproof Amphibiox shoes, the company teamed up with Norwegian agency SMFB, and once again started a challenging project – seven-day shoes versus rain combat. After placing it, for the first time, at the rainiest place in the world – Cherrapunjee village in Northern India, they decided to move the layout back to the city, Barcelona precisely, and try their babies out in an urban environment. Considering how the chosen city is quite a sunny place, the idea was for the main protagonist, 34-year old Tom, to walk around for seven days with an artificial portable cloud above his head. With the assistance of MediaMonks, the experience was captured and preserved from oblivion, including the fact that the only dry spot on Tom those days were his feet.

For more info on the social experiment, please visit GEOX on YouTube.