UK Startup offers Antimicrobial Technology for Door Handles

To prepare the nation for the return to work, new UK start-up  SDA Cleanzone have produced continuous cleaning touch pads that can be placed on common touch points such as railings, handles, doors, trolleys and more.

The idea started when we realised we were all touching the same door handles in the office. With one of the biggest transmissions of bacteria and viruses caused through shared surfaces we then decided to look at existing antimicrobial technology and how it can be applied to the touch points in buildings.” – states Adam Beaumont, Co-founder of SDA Cleanzone.

These peel and stick wraps contain an antimicrobial film that can remove common bacteria and viruses and contaminants within minutes of contact, reducing 99.99% of bacteria to protect against not only Coronavirus but E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Golden Staph and MRSA as well. The surfaces continuously clean 24/7 for up to 180 days.

Even with a vaccine, we believe the virus is not going away anytime soon so we need to interrupt transmission as much as possible. We envisage all shared touch points in the future to contain continuous cleaning technology, this will be part of the new normal. The idea is that using our surfaces alongside a regular cleaning protocol will create a safer environment for everyone.” – continues Beaumont.

Although the startup is relatively new, the company has already managed to acquire large customers to use their products, such as Amazon, Molnlycke Health Care and Twilio. They’ve also been adopted in primary schools across the UK, such as Littlemoor Primary, which were part of a donation campaign by the company.

SDA Cleanzone are specialists in creating solutions for a safer environment helping to assist businesses in moving forward. For more information, see antimicrobial door handle wraps here.