This fall, expect to see sleek men’s hairstyles remain on-trend thanks to the continuance of barbershop styles like the pompadour leading the runway. This sophisticated hairstyle is for sharp dressed men and is a reliable and classic look to pull out during the holiday season. Switch things up from day to night by choosing either matte (daytime) or glossy (nighttime) products. Then, let the fun begin!


Becoming photo-ready is as simple as one, two, three; 1) pick a high-shine pomade for a formal look or a matte finish putty for the everyday, 2) apply a small dab of styling product onto your fingertips and work through wet or dry hair, 3) use a comb to slick the pomade into shape, or mess your hair with putty, and smile!


Old Spice Spiffy Sculpting Pomade


If you want to achieve a true pompadour style, nothing screams that 50’s classic style like this high-shine “Spiffy Sculpting” pomade. This long-lasting and strong hold pomade is easy to work into the hair and rinses out easily to give you accessible style. The fragrance is masculine, yet unassuming, and is perfect for every day wear.


Old Spice Spiffy Sculpting Pomade
Old Spice Spiffy Sculpting Pomade


What we like:


  • Long-lasting hold with an attractive fragrance
  • Styles classic men’s hair quickly and easy with no sticky residue
  • Washed out quickly and easily, and leaves hair looking and feel great


Old Spice Forge Molding Putty


For a disheveled or daily look, the Old Spice Forge Molding Putty is a fantastic choice. Again, we love the fragrance Old Spice created. A great tip is to mix the Molding Putty with your existing hair products for extra hold; your hair won’t budge an inch. This is a super-strong hold formula. We love how versatile this product is; use a comb for a sophisticated look, or tousle your hair with your hands for beach vibes.


Old Spice Forge Molding Putty
Old Spice Forge Molding Putty


What we love:


  • The fragrance is another big hit with two thumbs up
  • You can add water and restyle as needed throughout the day without losing hold
  • This is a flexible addition to your styling arsenal and can be mixed with other products


Whatever way you choose to style your hair, we know that Old Spice has something for you. P.S Did you also know you can order Old Spice Spiffy Sculpting Pomade and Old Spice Forge Molding Putty on Amazon; who doesn’t love home delivery? 


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  1. The Pompadour hairstyle is leading the runway because it’s simple yet sophisticated both in the same time. Much more than that, it inspires confidence and intelligence. I didn’t use the old spice products so far, but definitely looking forward to trying them. I’m sure they work as a charm. I might write a review about them and post it on my website

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