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Real Men Wear Pink: Twenty Jeans Shines Light On Breast Cancer Awareness

Thomas Pink may be the British authority on dress shirts, but when it comes to the color, many men are loath to take it for a spin. October is the perfect time to test out this confident hue and show your love for the ladies. Pink isn’t just a bold color choice for a dapper dude, it makes a bold statement for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From prepster to hipster, Twenty Jeans has perfectly pink pieces to help catch a ladies’ eye – and maybe even her number – with enough dough left over to take her out for a drink.


And while that may seem like a lot of hyphens already, we’re going to go ahead and tell you something else: this shirt’s a statement-maker, a game-changer and a badass-impression-leaver. Because hey, let’s face it: a classic, “proper” Oxford shirt is one thing, but when you abbreviate its sleeves? Well, that Oxford shirt becomes something much greater than proper, friend.  It becomes a collared crusader for all that is cool. A fashionable force of fearlessness and foppishness. A vocalized voice for the very, uh… vicious… You get the point. What a shirt!


Prrre-ttttty handsome-lookin’ example of a men’s Oxford, if we may be so bold as to say so… (uh, may we? Thanks dude.) These button-down badasses are 100% cotton, insanely soft, and just the right silhouette for a roomy yet smartly tailored fit and feel. This faded red shirt is a head-turner, even amongst our superlative bunch of button-downs. With its stylish & contemporary [yet muted & super-wearable] hue – not to mention the mad-easygoing fit – this is one wardrobe staple worth its salt. Use it to swing your casual getup in a more “planned,” “fashion-conscious” direction, OR allow it to bring a haughtier man-semble back down to approachable Earth.


This colored Chambray shirt is a fresh, fully contemporary take on a beloved American standard. Everyone loves the denim-esque appeal and softness of a Chambray weave, and our model stacks up in spades – delivering the usual crowd-pleasing comforts and then some. With a hip vintage look and feel, the shirt reads “well worn” and relaxed as all get-out, even brand new. And speaking of new things, this Chambray’s received a few upgrades from the old-school – subtly infused with elements of contemporary cool, like a skinnier placket (that’s the long vertical strip where the shirt is buttoned, FYI) and a pop of color (note the handsome red thread calling interest to the sleeve cuffs and the last buttonhole). Finally, a smartly tailored “classic slim” fit allows plenty of room throughout the chest and arms, but keeps the look clean and streamlined at the same time. A true classic case.

Twenty Jeans: Industry Defying Denim

Twenty Jeans is here to disrupt the denim industry as the first direct denim company in the premium market. They are rebels with a cause: to inject Darwinsim into denim wielding maniacal focus. No detail goes overlooked, from the fabric and cut to the color and cuffability, Twenty Jeans is a denim lifestyle, serving up relaxed yet polished, understated yet attention-worthy duds for those who like to lead, not follow. Using this rule-breaking new concept, Twenty Jeans designs and produces upmarket, designer-caliber jeans without the markup, delivering to you savvy, no – jeanious – style, starting at just $25. Based in Los Angeles, Twenty Jeans works with a highly select group of insanely skilled, ethically accountable suppliers and manufacturers to innovate and engineer high quality denim at direct-to-consumer pricing.

The Twenty Creed – to deliver premium denim at a fraction of the cost – was conceived when long lost childhood friends Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn found themselves seated next to each other on a plane bound for the denim capital of the world, Los Angeles. Despite a decade spent apart with a continent in between, their entrepreneurial minds had brought them together again to solve life’s greatest mystery: why are great jeans so expensive? Six hours and a few drinks proved to be all they needed. Denim found them, and Twenty Jeans was born.

With the help of lead designer Anh Vu, whose denim street cred includes launching Nautica with John Varvatos, lead designer of Liz Claiborne, and design director for GAP, guesswork is eliminated through a highly edited aesthetic of styles offered: skinny, slim, and straight. The brand’s straightforward collection of smart cuts, fabrics, and seasonal colors is complemented by a complete selection of stylish basics and assembled looks, all of which are painstakingly selected to augment the star of the show – your jeans.

Twenty Jeans turns twill into couture, arming guys with unerringly trustworthy style. Men across America can breathe a collective sartorial sigh of relief.