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Trend Alert: 5 Top Tips For Choosing Men’s Jewelry in 2014

You may know the expression “Diamonds are a girls best friend,” but did you know that more men than ever are wearing designer jewelry? Whether you sport an elegant wedding band, or you’re on a mission to wear more accessories than Johnny Depp, jewelry is a fantastic way to customize your look and is a booming trend that is set to takeoff in 2014. From the dawn of civilization, men have chosen to wear jewelry as an emblem of their sex appeal, wealth, prosperity and even health, with different precious metals and gem stones believed to bring different benefits such as virility and stamina. There are also tons of different styles of men’s jewelry to choose from such as tribal, celtic, modern, and Asian, and within that, various items such as men’s rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, making this a really exciting and dynamic realm of men’s fashion.

Below are the 5 top tips for choosing men’s jewelry in 2014, to help you get a headstart on the coming trends:

1. Know Your Jewelry Budget

It’s no secret that jewelry can be an expensive hobby, but knowing what you intend to spend will help save you time, effort, and cash in the long run. Whether you are buying for you, or for your lover, having a budget means that you will be able to narrow down your field of choice and select a desirable item easily. There are often so many unique and attractive jewelry designs to choose from that many men become overwhelmed with the choice and do not purchase the right piece for them, or later regret their decision. By knowing what you can and can’t afford, shopping around will become enjoyable, and you will be able to go straight to the fun part — picking out a design that reflects who you are, rather than worrying about cashflow.

Trend Alert: Go with one or two luxury items over countless cost-effective pieces to make a stronger style statement!

2.  Pick A Precious Metal You Like

There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing your precious metal, so long as the metal is pure. Unpure accessories are prone to turning the skin green, and can trigger allergic reactions in men. Stick with the key players of platinum, gold, silver, or bronze for a timeless appeal. Another top tip is to match your existing jewelry to new pieces. For example, if you have a rose gold wedding band, then you may like to stay within that realm to tie each of your items together, creating a custom collection. Having mismatched items isn’t wrong, per say, but it can be more difficult to look polished as silver and gold items, for example, can quickly look thrown together and will distract the attention away from your overall impression.

Trend Alert: Rose gold is going to be popular for men in 2014 and offers a unique look that will set you apart from the crowd!

3. Make A Decision On Gem Stones Or Diamonds

The next major decision is to choose a ring that has either a gemstone or diamond. Many men are choosing to select a wedding ring that also has a diamond setting to either match or compliment their wives ring as a symbolic act, or appreciates the glistening appeal of diamonds. This is a huge trend for 2014 , but classic gold bands will always be in style. Plus, nothing says you’re the boss like this rare stone, and diamonds immediately catch the eye with their coveted sparkle. In order to maintain a masculine appearance, you should consider how the diamond is placed inside of your ring. If the stone sits above the ring band, it may appear more feminine. If you look for rings that have a diamond inserted into the gold or platinum band, then you’ll be all set!

Trend Alert: Embedded solitaire diamond rings for men are the de jour for weddings in 2014.

4. Size Up Your Investment

The next step in choosing men’s jewelry is to know your size. Like clothes and shoes, rings, necklaces, and cufflinks come in different men’s sizes to ensure the proper fit. Jewelry should be fitted by a professional to ensure it’s correct proximity to the skin, and that rings and necklaces do not become tangled. You can also use a tape measure at home to measure different areas, such as your neckline to ensure a snug fit. Men especially may find that rings or necklaces that are built with a larger gauge, may be prone to catching jewelry if they aren’t used to wearing some; by getting your item fitted by a pro, you’ll be confident that you have nothing to worry about, and that you won’t damage you or your jewelry by accident.

Trend Alert: Many diamond setters offer free fittings to help you choose the perfect size, which is smaller and more discreet for 2014!

5. Think About The Longterm

While it may be more appreciable to go with a lower cost item now, consider the longterm returns. Different designers use different methods to create their jewelry, which can often leave a lot to be desired. Ensure that the piece can be authenticated, has added protection where possible, such as Rhodium plating that prevents scratches, and is backed by a reputable brand name. This will help build your confidence, as most reputable jewelers offer their own guarantees. While choosing a piece that’s on trend for 2014 can be exciting, many men quickly discover the appeal of wearing jewelry and will want to continue to do so for a long time. Make sure yours can stand the test of time, especially if it’s commemorative of a special event such as a wedding; these pieces are not easily replaced.

Trend Alert: Quality and excellent craftsmanship never go out of style!

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