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The Best Bar Soap for Men

Somewhere along the way, we seem to have gotten lost in the soap aisle. Now called body wash, shower gel, arriving in bottles and every assorted scent you can think of, we thought it was time to get back to basics. Male Standard searched the Best Soap for Men, a simple selection of good old-fashioned soap bars and is bringing you five top tips.

Soap is a necessary aspect of male grooming, but if you have ever experienced tight, dry skin, you’ll know it’s not always the most pleasant. Many soaps contain dozens of artificial additives and cleansing agents that can irritate sensitive skin. These side effects are your body’s way of crying for help, so start to listen and acknowledge when it’s thirsty and when it needs refreshing.

Below are five no-fuss soap bars that will help you get clean, without irritation.

Finding the Best Soap for Men

1. Bliss MMTH Minty Soap

When looking to go back to basics, the Bliss MMTH Minty Soap is an all-action soap that cleans and scrubs, exfoliating sensitive skin, thanks to its oversized and slightly strange appearance. The bumps stimulate good circulation, and work wonders with the mint essence to rejuvenate and replenish tired skin. This is an excellent kick-start to your day, and contains an oil rich formula for long-lasting softness.

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2. Anthony Logistics: Glycerin Cleansing Bar

The Anthony Logistics for Men Glycerin Cleansing Bar is a 100% vegetable-based natural soap that is specifically designed for active men. This soap does more than clean; it provides deep cleansing that remove oil and residue to create the foundation for a smoother shave and face. The natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid also promotes smoother skin, meaning you are effectively getting a three-in-one bargain with this bar!

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3. The Art of Shaving Body Bar

The Art of Shaving have come up with a nifty soap bar that is effective at cleaning the skin with added Tangerine essential oils, and that can also be used as a pre-shaving cleanser and moisturizer. Sweet Almond and Avocado will ensure long-lasting protection, and is natural and ideal for sensitive skin. Cut down on bathroom clutter with actionable products, and be amazed at how simple grooming will become!

Photo credit: The Art of Shaving

4. Kiehl’s Ultimate Men’s Body Soap

Kiehl’s have been producing soap for men since 1851, and have perfected the art of soap that can clean and exfoliate men’s tougher, thicker skin. If you are active or outdoorsy, this great alternative will nourish and protect your skin, and exfoliate firmly but gently with added oat bran and oat kernels. This light scented soap is masculine and will rejuvenate your day without overpowering the senses.

Photo credit: Kiehl’s

5. Dove Men Extra Fresh

Dove Men Extra Fresh is the number one dermatologically tested soap, and is great value for money with twin packs coming in under $5. This long-lasting, clean scent soap will stop your skin from drying out and caters to men who are looking for a face and body bar that does more than clean. This will nourish, protect, cleanse and moisturize, and is a fantastic product for daily use. Keep one in your gym bag and on in the shower!

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Getting the Most Out of Men’s Soap

Men’s skin is vastly different, and requires additional nourishment and protection from the elements. The skin is thicker, containing less oil, and these must be replaced frequently and exfoliated more firmly than women’s. Most men don’t realize they have dry, sensitive skin until symptoms start to show and then think it’s all part of being a man without realizing how simple the fix is.

Test out a new soap and see for yourself how comfortable your day can begin. Lather up a soap bar into exfoliating mitt or body scrub once a week and focus on those extra tough areas such as elbows and knees. Your feet will also thank you for taking the time to use soap that is moisturizing and exfoliating; making a quality soap bar one of your best investments when tackling male grooming.

Leave a comment below and let us know which one you think is the best soap for men. There are loads of goodies on the line that will make your morning shower and shave a breeze!