Men's Style Bringing Back the Gentleman, One Tie at a Time

“As long as I got my suit and tie,” the famous words crooned by Justin Timberlake, a man that can certainly tell you a few things about gentlemanly style. It’s the oldest pairing in the book, like bacon and eggs, rock and roll, or Batman and Robin, there is no suit without a tie.

The tie is an integral component to dressing well, and dressing like a gentleman. believes that a tie is not just an accessory, but the centerpiece of an ensemble, bringing all elements together seamlessly with one simple knot. Their mission is to return to the days when men didn’t leave the house without one.

With that in mind, has devoted itself to crafting and selling the finest quality silk, linen, and cotton ties and bow ties to its customers since 2001. In business for nearly 15 years, They are amongst the first direct-to-consumer e-commerce businesses to bring both value and quality to its consumers. While the majority of its ties are meticulously designed in-house, a handful of popular designers are available on the site as well.

Neckties range from skinny to extra long, wool to knit, cotton to silk, and solid to novelty prints. Consider yourself a bow tie man?They have hundreds of bow ties (both pre-tied and self-tie, too!). also offers a vast array of “man-cessories” for the conscious chap. Essentials like tie racks, tie bars, cufflinks, cummerbunds, dress laces, handkerchiefs, scarves, suspenders, grooming tools, and more (yes, there’s more, really), are must-have pieces in any gentleman’s closet.

Differentiating itself from the crowd, the company boasts incomparable customer service and user experience. Employees are real people (wearing ties, of course) with a passion for their work and company. Every order is hand packed in pristine packaging and returns, though rarely experienced, are hassle-free. is helmed by dotcom entrepreneurs Morgan Dunn, David Hansen, and Omar Sayyed, who 13 years ago found themselves making a choice between sex toys and ties. The company is located in sunny Southern California and participates in several charity initiatives to benefit both local and national chapters.

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