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These Shaving Razors Are A The Cut Above The Rest

Many men never outgrow that magic moment when they first put razor to cheek and took their first swipe at facial hair. The first shave is, after all, a confirmation that you have made the transition from boy to man. That is why, from the first look in the bathroom mirror, turning the head this way and that to check the five o’clock shadow, to the lathering and the first caress of the blade, to finally running a hand over a smooth chin, for most men, shaving is more ritual than morning routine. But the experience can just as easily be ruined by a nick, as anyone who’s had to head out into the day with humiliating scraps of toilet paper stuck to his face knows all too well. This is the why so many men choose their shaving razors with extra care and why nothing less than the best shaving razor will do.

Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor

Schick Hydro 5 Razor Blades

The Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor, which has been dubbed impressive for its price range. What makes this sleekly designed shaving razor so exceptional are features like the “skin guards” that keep your skin smooth between shaves and protects it while you shave, and the “flip” trimmer that lets you get another awesome feature, the Advanced Hydrating Gel Reservoir. Unlike conventional lubrication strips, the Hydro 5’s Advanced Hydrating Gel Reservoir, delivers a moisturizer. The Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor is as close to a smart razor as you can find.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor

Gillette Fusion Proglide Silvertouch

Gillette, that venerable name long associated with smooth shaves, can’t be left out, of course, weighing in with the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor, which boasts a power option that delivers micro pulses supposed to reduce friction and help the blades glide over your skin. And because it’s battery operated, you can take it into the shower with you. However, some reviewers say the Fusion ProGlide delivers an already awesome shave in manual mode that the power function is totally unnecessary. Let’s just say that is a matter of personal preference. The ProGlide is actually an upgrade of Gillete’s top-selling Fusion with thinner, more flexible and finer-edged blades for as close a shave as you can wish for. In fact, some reviewers say the shave can be “over-close” if there is such a thing. A stabilizer also allows the blades to adjust to the contours of the face. This is the shaving razor to go for if you need a sensitive shave or shave every day.

Parker 96R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

The Parker 96R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor and the Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor are the razors that middle-aged men today fantasized about when they stood next to their daddies in the bathroom, before the 2-, then the 2, the 4- and now the 5-bladed razors came along. But for their almost century-old design (yes, that long!), these elegant, long-handled contraptions will give those newfangled shaving razors a run for their money. They feel solid in the hand, and their weight is actually a good thing since this helps ensure one of the closest shaves you can get outside a classic straight razor. And the really great thing is, replacement blades for butterfly razors are really cheap.

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