The Top Male Sex Tech Innovations That Will Change Your Experience

Sex toys are a wonderful way to liven up your sexual experiences, especially if you don’t have a sexual partner there to help you. There are tens of distinct types of sex toys, from automatic strokers to anal beads. In order for you to find the perfect sex toy, you need to explore what’s on offer.

Where possible, you should experiment with toys in person. There’s only so much that a product’s description can tell you. You can find out if you really like a toy by buying it and trying it.

Here are some advanced, high-tech sex toys you might want to check out:

Automatic Stroker

Automatic strokers are extremely popular, more so than the other toys featured on this list. The Kiiroo Keon stroker is particularly popular. Some say that strokers actually feel better than sex does. If you don’t know what strokers are, then allow us to explain. Strokers are high-tech sex toys also known as sleeves, that one’s penis is inserted into. They tease the penis’ mimicking the feeling of sex. Not only are they affordable, but they are also amazingly effective.

Sex Robots

Unfortunately at this time, sex toys are still undergoing development. It is possible to buy them, but they are currently expensive. Sex dolls will completely transform the sex industry. Sex dolls will be able to engage in sexual activities, removing the need for a partner. They will be incredibly lifelike, in behaviour and appearance. With the huge advances made in AI technology, this is no surprise. Some of the photographs and videos that have been released of prototype sex robots look incredible. Nobody is sure when these high-tech dolls will be available for sale at a reasonable price, but it will be sometime in the near future.

Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are a very affordable, very pleasurable type of sex toy. While they aren’t particularly high-tech when compared to the other two items mentioned on this list so far, they still involve the use of technology and produce a very enjoyable effect. Anal vibrators are inserted into one’s anus and begin to vibrate. They work much in the same way that clitoris vibrators do. If anal vibrators are too big for you, then you can also find vibrating anal beads. Anal beads are just as fun as anal vibrators, but significantly less intense.

VR Porn

VR porn isn’t a “sex toy” per se. Rather, it is something that can be used in combination with sex toys to create a very realistic, enjoyable experience. One simply needs to put on one’s VR headset, bring up a VR porn website, and begin using a toy, like a sleeve or an anal vibrator. The experience of VR porn in combination with a sex toy can be incredibly pleasurable. One can even forget that one is wearing a headset because it is so immersive. It genuinely feels like you are having sex with the person whose porn you are watching.

Some very high-tech sex toys are currently being worked on. For now, you have sleeves, anal beads, and myriad other sex toys to play with.