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Five Skincare Habits for Men that Will Improve Your Looks Instantly

If you want to look your best, then you need to take care of your skin. Proper skin care is one of the best ways to reduce the signs of aging, keeping you looking great. Taking care of your skin doesn’t make you less manly, it only makes you more attractive to the ladies. Here are five tips that can help men to take proper care of their skin.

1. Keep It Clean

If you want your skin to look great, then you should wash it every day with an exfoliating face wash. Washing the skin with an exfoliating face wash keeps pores clear, preventing pimples and making the skin glow. You should do this before you shave to help your razor to glide smoothly over your skin.

2. Get a Good Shave

If you want your face to look its best, you should get a regular shave from The Art of Shaving. These shaving pros will give you the closest shave of your life, making your skin feels as smooth as silk. They can also instruct you on how to get a great shave at home with the great products like shaving brushes and after shave that they sell.

3. Moisturize Daily

If you want your skin to be healthy, then you need to moisturize it daily. You should always wear a facial lotion that has an SPF of at least 15 to protect it from being damaged by the sun. You need to do this every day. Even if it is cloudy, the sun can still damage your skin.

4. Avoid Oil

As sad as it seems, acne is not just a problem for teenagers. As men get older, they begin to realize that pimples can form at any age. One of the best ways to prevent pimples is to avoid products that contain oil. If you want to keep your pores from getting clogged, always use products that are labeled as oil-free or non-comedogenic. The non-comedogenic label means that it will not clog pores.

5. Limit Your Sun Exposure

Sun is by far the most dangerous thing for your skin. Sun exposure causes wrinkles and aging. There is no such thing as a healthy tan, thus making it essential to avoid the sun when you can. Wear clothing to protect your skin when you are in the sun. If you need to expose your skin to the sun, then you should always protect it with a sunblock that has an SPF of at least 15.

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