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The Top 5 Male Celebrity Grooming Awards

Have you ever noticed how male celebrities just seem to look…more polished? It’s not that surprising when you consider how many staff they must have on hand to help prep and prime before an awards show, but does that mean they will always look just that bit better than us mere mortals? Fortunately, Male Standard has the answer and we think you will be pleasantly surprised!

What if you could get inside the heads of their experts and sneak a peek at what techniques they use? That’s right; imagine being able to get inside the head of an expert and find out what makes male celebrities glean on the red carpet. Here’s what we propose to do, we are going to show you the Top Five Male Celebrity Grooming Awards (the best features most men would like to achieve), and show you how you can reproduce them at home!

Sound good? Great! Then let’s get started!

1. Best Use of Facial Hair

Jeff Bridges might play the persistent and unkempt “Dude,” but his ability to wow critiques off-camera is equally impressive. With rocking long hair, and sporting a well-trimmed beard at all times, he’s our go to guy for facial hair styling tips. There is rarely a time when you can catch Bridges without a hair firmly in place, and he understands the difference between grizzly and great.

Photo credit: Zimbo

How to Pull This Style off at Home:

If you wear a beard, enjoy longer hairstyles, and especially if you wear both of these styles together, then keeping trim is going to take some margin of effort. That’s not to say it is impossible, far from it, but the trick to pulling off this look is being consistent and aware of your hair; there’s a fine line between svelte and scruffy. If you’re the man who says, “I’ll do it next week,” consider a lower maintenance regime.

In order to prevent this look from spilling out of control, Bridges uses well-defined eyes and clean skin to detract from everything else, because frankly, there is a lot of everything else and looking polished is all about balance. Invest additional time into skin care routines, and value the benefits of an eyebrow wax to minimize the amount of facial hair. You also want to go for regular haircuts (4-6 weeks) to cut dead ends and keep your beard trimmed at least weekly to retain the shape.

2. Best Use of Hair Removal

Michael Phelps is a man with a plan, racking up the Olympic awards, but he is also a great role model for removing body hair. While you might not go to such extremes as shaving your legs or armpits, you can learn a thing or two from Phelps on how to avoid irritating stubble, razor rash, and dark spots. He always looks freshly shaven, and without a red rash in sight.

Photo credit: ESPN

How to Pull This Style off at Home:

One of the best things you can do is invest in quality shaving tools, this will save you hours of restoration and repair work. You will need a clean sharp razor, shaving gel, warm water and a face towel (to open your pores), before reaching for the gold. Apply the warm cloth to your face before the gel, and removing the hair smoothly and in as lesser application as possible. After shaving, take the time to moisturize and apply an aftershave or face cream.

In order to get this skin-deep shave, you will also want to research something more than disposable razors for this task. While convenient (but not cheap), these are a by-product of a lost art in the barbers world. A high quality barber razor is the order of the day, and will be able to better shave closer to the skin with less irritation. Go one-step further and add a shaving brush to the mix. You can’t put a price a through, clean shave!

3. Best Use of Signature Style  

Ask anyone who the Man in Black is, and Jonny Cash springs to mind. Sexy, confidant, sharp, even sensitive yet always masculine, Cash understood the power of knowing his signature style and stuck with it to the end. Whether dressed in slick suits, or casually rocking the guitar and laid back black shirt, this was his signature color that spoke volumes of the man he is and will always leave a timeless impression.

Photo credit: HDNux

How to Pull This Style off at Home:

While you might want to forgo all black, unless attending a funeral, knowing which colors accent your skin tone and complexion can transform your looks. If you have dark skin, then many vibrant colors will work to your advantage. If you are pale or red headed, look to greens and blues for great effect. If you are in the middle, then free up some space for greys and accent with red.

Cotton on to a signature scent that meets your mark of approval. Consider a hairstyle that is signature to you and can be worn timelessly. Whatever mark you choose to leave on the grooming world, make sure that it is unique and classic, and you won’t go wrong! Having a signature style will put you in peoples mind, and will make you stand out in the crowd with an untouchable air.

4. Best Use of Accessories

Aside from his arm candy, Jay-Z has an amazing ability to pinpoint where an outfit can come to life and can transform an outfit to suit his exact needs. Where a simple hat, an outlandish watch, he accents his style and situation accordingly. What is remarkable about this method is the effect it has on other people; he can go from hip-hop mogul to standing by the Presidents side in a matter of minutes and never looks out of place.

Photo credit: Groovy Baby

How to Pull This Style off at Home:

While it might seem easy to throw a few pieces together and be on your way, there is an art to accessorizing and you need to learn it. Add one to many, and you will ruin the look. As a rule, take a color from your outfit, and match anything you add to that. Do not mix black and brown belts and shoes (this matters to women apparently), and never wear hats or sunglasses indoors – don’t be a douchebag.

5. Best Use of Hairstyles

Johnny Depp has an uncanny attractive from both men and women, but we think it’s all just for show – in his choice of hairstyles! Whether testing out a new style for a movie, or being creative on his own time, Depp has been to hair school. He’s had it long, short, messy, neat and everything in-between, but his defining feature is that he always looks great (even with dreadlocks, really?).

Photo credit: I Love Cinema

How to Pull This Style off at Home:

Depp has a fantastic understanding of his face shape, which is remarkable for one of two reasons. One, he has a weird face shape – he really does. Two, most men do not take the time to look at their face in context with their hair. They look online for a style they want and then wonder why it doesn’t fit. You have to know what your face shape is and how to distinguish this from the crowd with the right cut for you.

If you don’t know which face shape you have or which cut will accentuate your features like Depp, then pick up a copy of the Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming. Everything you need to know is inside, and you can make a decision based on factual information from experts in the grooming field.