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How To Style The Short Buzz Hairstyle

Named for the sound the clipper’s make as they shear off hair to mere stubble, the buzz cut seems to never go out of style.  I mean, can you think of a lower maintenance style that still looks as good? A buzz cut is cool (literally and figuratively) and requires little to no product or styling. But do you have the balls to go bare? Here is what you need.

The Right Face

Before you decide to shave off your luscious locks, consider this: do you have the right face and head shape for it? If your head is egg shaped or you have some weird moles or lumps on your noggin you may want to steer clear of this ‘do. Similarly if you have a smaller, thinner face this cut will just make you look like Christian Bale in “The Machinist” so you should probably just avoid it. And lastly, if your face is too round, this cut is not ideal. The optimal face for this cut is just your average Joe. Of course, a strong jaw line and chiseled features can’t hurt either.

The Right Partner

If you don’t want your relationship to crash and burn, tell your significant other of your plan’s to go bare and listen to their input. For the love of all thing’s holy DO NOT surprise them with this one unless you want to make the couch your new permanent home.

The Right Occupation

Believe it or not, your hairstyle can affect your profession so you may want to consider how it will go over at the office before you commit. A more laid back profession probably wouldn’t mind a more laid back hairstyle but your crusty old uber-conservative boss might think otherwise. Make sure and consider this before you take the plunge.

Ok so you’ve crossed all these things off your checklist and you decided you want to go for it. Here is your plan:

Wait till the weekend. Head to the barbers on a Friday evening, that way you have the weekend to adjust to the new look (and maybe get some sun on that pasty scalp).  On that note, make sure to apply sunscreen to your scalp. You don’t want to show up to work on Monday with your new cut accompanied by a red, peely scalp. I would also recommend fading your buzz. A buzz cut always looks more professional, neat and tidy when faded. So if your getting a 2 or 3 all over, have your barber fade the sides from a 1 up.  Now go enjoy your hassle free ‘do.