The Rivalry You Didn’t Think You Needed: Barstool Sports vs. Starbucks

Barstool Sports has entered the coffee game. And dare I say, the coffee is pretty f•cking good. 

Watch out, Starbucks.

Stella Blue Coffee, founded by Dan “Big Cat” Katz from Pardon My Take & Barstool Sports, is a making waves in the coffee world. Launched in November of 2022, the company has already amassed millions in sales & tons of loyal coffee subscribers. 

First off, let me get this out of the way, Big Cat isn’t the one roasting the coffee. He’s partnered with Regal Commodities, a leader in the coffee space since the 1950s, to develop some incredibly tasty coffee. Together, they spent the last year sourcing beans & testing roasts to make their coffee truly stand alone. The experts and Big Cat tasted their new and exclusive blend against Starbucks, La Colombe, Peets, Death Wish & more… Stella Blue Coffee consistently was the superior tasting coffee.

Though this brand is new, do not underestimate the power of Barstool, Big Cat & the quality of Stella Blue Coffee. And definitely do not be surprised when some bigger coffee brands come a knocking to figure out what is making this coffee so much better than the rest. Apparently, they can’t even keep the coffee in stock.

Well done, Big Cat.