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The New “BroMance” for Grills: How to Get NFL BBQs All Year Long!


The T-fal OptiGrill is the new, one-of-a-kind way to grill indoors. The innovative OptiGrill features a cooking sensor that guarantees a perfectly cooked meal every time. The built-in sensor automatically adapts to the thickness of your food and delivers perfect doneness from rare to well-done for six different programs: burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, red meat and fish. The manual cooking function is perfect for vegetables or personal recipes and the defrost setting evenly thaws all types of frozen dishes. The OptiGrill will get a perfectly cooked meal with every use so you’ll never have to slave over the grill – and guess when your food is cooked – again.




Whether you’re a bachelor who has no idea how to cook, want to crack open a beer and enjoy a game with the guys or want to impress that new hottie on her first home cooked meal by you, then the OptiGrill is a guaranteed “BROmance”. The T-fal OptiGrill is not only an indoor grill, but it’s every man’s grill with a “brain” that literally cooks food to your preference, without over or under cooking it. The first ever of its kind, the OptiGrill features a built-in sensor that automatically adapts to the thickness of your food and cooks it perfectly.




From rare to well-done, the OptiGrill features seven different programs including: burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, red meat, fish and manual. It’s simple, easy to clean and quick to put away – no matter how small or big your man-cave is. All you have to do is turn it on, select which meat you’re cooking, place the meat on the grill, watch and listen for the sensor, by following the color chart. RARE (YELLOW), MEDIUM (ORANGE) and WELL-DONE (RED).




The OptiGrill features angled plates that allow fat to drip off easily into the dishwasher safe drip tray. The brushed stainless steel exterior is sleek and compact for easy storage and the removable cooking plates are dishwasher safe for fast and easy clean up.






  • Sensor cooking automatically adapts to thickness of food
  • Six different cooking programs: burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, red meat and fish
  • Delivers perfect doneness from rare to well-done
  • Manual and defrost settings perfect for vegetables, frozen dishes and personal recipes
  • Angled, removable and dishwasher safe cooking plates
  • Removable drip tray
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior


The OptiGrill will be available in October 2013 for $179.99.