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The Mr. Details Collection: Monthly Accessories For Stylish Men

When Vladimir Paniouchkine met his wife Victoria Paniouchkine (formerly Sutherlen) his style reflected his lifestyle, that of a college student in Orange County, California. Now that Vladimir is an entrepreneur and recent recipient of an MBA, he wanted his style to reflect his new matured stature. The issue he faced was not unlike what many men face when considering new fashion, “I think that many men like myself don’t have the time to shop, or the funds to purchase the types of stylish clothing we may need on a regular basis,” he says. Victoria suggested he rent clothing online. “I was familiar with rental shopping sites for women, and suggested Vladimir search for a similar service for men,” she says.

However, when Vladimir searched the web he could not find an online rental store for men. “There were countless places where I could rent a tuxedo, but I couldn’t find anything for everyday wear. If I can rent a video game from GameFly, why not rent clothing?” he says.

Photo credit: The Mr. Collection

Thus the idea for The Mr. Collection was born. Men who are looking to switch up their style can begin borrowing looks from The Mr. Club. For men who lack an eye for fashion or the time to browse through options, The Mr. Club is the perfect choice. Monthly membership to this club is relatively inexpensive and stress free. A team of fashion savvy stylists piece together a ‘look,’ of clothing and accessories, creating an outfit that’s ready-to-wear. Members will receive one look at a time and have the option to choose between once monthly or unlimited packs per month. There’s also a collection called Mr. Details that is strictly for borrowing accessories. Members are encouraged to mix and match the contents of each pack with items found in their own wardrobe to maximize time spent with that look.

Shipping for The Mr. Club is complimentary both ways, and returns are as simple as adhering the pre-printed return label to the package. The cost of dry cleaning and damage protection is also included.

Photo credit: The Mr. Collection

Men by nature have a harder time than women at dressing themselves. There are questions of what goes with what, what is fashionable and simply put, they are typically uninterested in shopping. Plus styles change at such a rapid pace; it can be hard and expensive to keep up with fashion trends. The goal of The Mr. Collection is to make fashion as accessible as renting a movie from Netflix by allowing men to have a constantly rotating closet for a fraction of the price.

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