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Slim Down With The Minimalist by CAPSULE Wallets Review

The Minimalist, by CAPSULE¶ÿWallets,¶ÿis a breathe of fresh air in an overpopulated and polluted men’s fashion world with it’s sleek, form fitting design, and practical Savoir faire.¶ÿSure, there are bigger things to worry about, like the continuing recession, or Breaking Bad ending, but none are more pertinent than what you place near your posterior. For most men, the opinion that bigger is better is not always appropriate for this men’s accessory. As the expression goes, “Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch,” a gentleman’s choice of holding device for his cash is a conscious decision of the impression he leaves on those around; and wallets are without question one of the four elements of masculinity, with no one appreciating a dysfunctional or unappreciative design.

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The Minimalist by CAPSULE Wallets

Are you the bulging man who’s wallet is threatening to divulge, or are you a more simpler, less complicated character who can’t seem to find the right complimentary wallet for any occasion? Either way, you are not alone. The Minimalist¶ÿwas born out of necessity, and met social applause through a Kickstarter project that lead to the launch of CAPSULE in 2012. It’s creator, Robert Sha, says, “After studying other card case wallets, we noticed most of the generic pocket designs did not store cash well. After storing a few bills, you have to fold your cash multiple times and stuff them into increasingly tight pockets, leaving your wallet bulky and your cash disheveled.”¶ÿNot to mention, Male Standard adds, the drooping effect it can have on your drawers.

Featuring Premium nappa leather craftsmanship

The Minimalist is true to it’s word, and offers an incredibly compact yet versatile design that compliments the modern man. Each inch of space has been optimized to ensure ease of use, with the reviewer commenting that you can add much more to the wallet than meets the eye (some 30+ bills to be more exact), without losing it’s key qualities. Those qualities are that The Minimalist¶ÿdoesn’t hold you back from your daily events, and¶ÿstores credits cards, cash, and other important cards such as your driving license, without having to lug around a steak in your back pocket. Pulling the right method of transaction is as smooth as the fine Nappa leather that this collection is made from, and the signature CashStrap is a welcomed feature in this popular “cash only” world.

“The CashStrap™ functions to support your everyday need to carry cash. We like to think of it as a more versatile pocket for your paper money.”

Robert Sha also commented,¶ÿ”The Minimalist’s appearance is decidedly analog. No crazy space age fabrics or metals. Simply a functional wallet crafted with precision, using high-quality leather and premium manufacturing techniques.¶ÿEvery design detail was carefully considered to produce the best blend of form and function, an aesthetic that is purposeful and understated. The stitching is minimal. The pockets are strategically placed. And the CashStrap feature offers a smarter way to secure your cash.¶ÿWallets with magnets or metal money clips don’t work well either. These features often lack ease of use, requiring both hands to position cash into place. From a design perspective, these features are clunky and awkward; they cause your wallet to bulge, even before holding any cash, and the hardness of the features result in wallets that sit uncomfortably in your pocket.”

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What we liked:

  • Troubleshoots a common problem with style and grace
  • The form fitting functionality truly reigns supreme
  • The quality of the construction is impeccable
  • An affordable option for the “every man”
  • Comes in this season’s must have grey

The Male Standard Verdict

Premium nappa leather craftsmanship

CAPSULE¶ÿWallets are an affordable luxury for the every man, especially those who appreciate luxury where you need it most. The sleek design, functionality, and practicality make this a firm choice for those looking for a new or modern wallet, and the quality of craftsmanship won’t let you down. Despite being only whisper thin, it’s currently holding up extremely well under pressure, and our reviewer noted that the CashStrap in paticualr does not show any signs of wear, tear, or de-seaming, as can often happen with men’s wallet. Overall, we’re thankful that the community came together to support CAPSULE Wallets, and look forward to their continued success. For your dad, brother, friend-in-need, or even for yourself, we recommend the Minimalist as an ideal gift solution for around $50 plus shipping.

About CAPSULE Wallets

At Capsule, we thrive on challenging the design of products we use every day. Most are just good enough, but we think they should be better. In doing so, we hope to introduce you to a simpler way of living.¶ÿIn the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and accessories, the wallet has remained remarkably unchanged for decades. Most are too thick, poorly constructed, expensive, or surprisingly terrible at carrying cash, but wallets should carry cash. Period.¶ÿCAPSULE¶ÿWallets crafted an everyday essential that is sleek, simple and finely constructed; a perfect blend of design and functionality. Introducing¶ÿThe Minimalist, constructed from premium leather and featuring a unique CashStrap that enables simple storage and removal of cash, from up to 30+ bills, while maintaining a slim profile. The front slot holds frequently used cards and a top pocket comfortably stores an additional two to four cards.

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