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The “Gentleman’s Collection” For Discerning Gents

If your knowledge of wine ends at ‘red or white,’ you’re missing out on a world of flavor! Today, we would like to introduce you to the Gentleman’s Collection, by Dr. Lindeman, who envisioned an excellent range of wines for the discerning gentleman. Featuring a red blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz, this collection is sure to hit all the right notes among your wine drinking companions and those who appreciate the finer things in life.

The “Gentleman’s Collection” You Need to Drink

In 1843, Dr. Lindeman, an upstanding man of formidable character, started his winery. In doing so, he set his sights on civilizing a colony of hard-drinking ruffians by introducing them to more gentlemanly pursuits, such as the enjoyment of a refined drop. Step aside whiskey, and enter the realm of full-bodied wines that will excite your taste buds. These are the wines that a real gentleman aspires to drink, at an incredibly moderate price point (RRP $15).

Cabernet Sauvignon 1

Boasting not one, but two heady takes on this classic wine, we were intrigued to see what the cabernet sauvignon 1 had to offer. This is a delicious blend, featuring dark fruits, dried herbs, and sour red berries. There is also a hint of chocolate tannin in the finish to balance this delicious concoction. This is decidedly a red wine for gentlemen, and one glass will have you basking in heavenly glory. If you typically drink bitter or rye whiskey, we think you would appreciate what this glass has to offer!

The “Gentleman’s Collection” You Need to Drink

Winetaster Notes: Nice on the nose, super dark purple and red. Sticky legs that hug the glass. Hints of cherry, plumb, dark fruit, and a little earthy. Smooth drinking and good value at 13 bucks. Decent cab for the price!

Red Blend

Calling all whiskey aficionados, we have something to clue you into! Reading the label of this exquisite wine, it could be mistaken for a bourbon with its sweet oak aromas and caramel and char notes, but you would be wrong. This red blend is a world of flavor unto itself and was an instant hit amongst dinner guests. Dark fruits also appear in this blend, which adds the weight and gravity that we come to anticipate of the Gentleman’s Collection.

The “Gentleman’s Collection” You Need to Drink

Winetaster Notes: This is a super smooth red blend. Very fruity without a lot of tannin taste at the end.

The Male Standard Verdict

Overall, we really enjoy the Gentleman’s Collection. From their beautiful packaging to their bold, unique flavors, we feel confident when reaching for a bottle, be it as a gift, or a nightcap, every sip will be appreciated. These are not your Momma’s wine, and that is news to our ears. Each label has a delicious blend, with an assortment of sweet and sour to tantalize and delight even the most discerning gent. If you are new to wine, start with the red blend. Seasoned pros will enjoy the Cabernet Sauvignon.

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