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The Difference Between Bars and Clubs

Aside from the obvious presence of alcohol and people, bars and clubs can differ quite a bit. Of course there are plenty of hybrid-type establishments that offer a little touch of both worlds. Stereotypically speaking, the two are distinctly different. Keep in mind there are many levels of each from dive bars to sports bars, concert clubs to nightclubs, and plenty in between.

The Basic Differences

Clubs normally have unnecessary cover charges, strictly enforced dress codes and some intense lighting effects to enhance your dancing experience.

Bars on the other hand are usually more laid back, if the bar has a dress code it’s usually pretty basic (shoes, shirts, nothing that appears threatening) and they don’t always have dancing. The main attraction at a good club is an amazing DJ who makes you never want to leave the dance floor. The main attraction at a good bar is a good social scene and of course, a good drink!

It really comes down to preference and personality. Whether it’s a bar or a club, the most important factor is that you have a good time.