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The Best Aerobic Exercises for Men

Aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular health. Other than this, it has many health benefits, including weight and blood pressure management. On top of it all, it benefits all adults, men, and women.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA) Trusted Source, gender is one of the top five risk factors for coronary heart disease. Men over 40 are especially vulnerable. Given this, males need to do aerobic exercises even more.

The American Heart Association recommends engaging in cardiovascular activity for at least 30 minutes five to seven days a week. Aerobics (or cardiovascular exercise) requires almost minimal setup and may be done anywhere. To get you started, we’ve provided some common types of aerobic physical activity you can do anywhere.


Boxing improves cardiovascular fitness by strengthening the muscle groups involved in the motion. Several muscles in the body like quads and hamstrings contract to increase circulation and oxygen supply to the heart when you throw a punch. As a result, boxing can help you live a longer, healthier life by strengthening your heart.

In addition, a single boxing session can help you burn off hundreds of calories. Boxing can be an effective weight loss solution for men when paired with a proper diet. It’s also shown to be effective in helping men with fat burning supplements achieve their fitness goal faster.


Walking is an excellent cardio activity since you can do it almost anywhere without seeming like you’re exercising. It is a low-impact exercise suitable for individuals of varying fitness levels. The main muscle groups these aerobic exercise works are the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Furthermore, it can reduce your risk of getting several different chronic diseases.

Keep track of your daily activity using a fitness tracker or the step counter on your phone. Determine how many steps you want to take each day, and then do it. This will help you monitor your progress to challenge yourself more as your body adapts to the activity.

Warming up is essential before any physical exercise, including walking. Warm up your muscles by walking slowly during the first five minutes. After that, you should only go as far and as fast as you feel safe doing so.

Stationary Biking

Stationary biking is a great cardiovascular workout with less impact on your joints than other cardio equipment. It’s an excellent method to get in shape quickly and easily, strengthening your muscles, heart, and lungs.

Start slowly and gradually increase to more extended exercises if you’re just starting your fitness journey. Start with a 5- to 10-minute easy ride to warm up, and then work up to a 25- to 35-minute bike by gradually adding time in 5-minute increments as you get used to it. To cool down, pedal slowly for 5 minutes.


A low-impact aerobic exercise like swimming is excellent for losing weight and improving your heart health. It is great for your cardiovascular system because it uses your entire body and muscles because of the constant motion and resistance from the water. Aquatic cardio is a low-impact exercise and targets many muscles. For example, swimming strengthens the legs and arms, back, and core muscles.

Moreover, while a dip in the pool might not be as soothing as a hot bath, it can positively affect your mental and physical health, just like other aerobic activities.

Jump Rope

An excellent cardio workout is jumping rope, which is swinging around your body and hopping over it as it passes beneath your feet. Working out with a jump rope can help you concentrate on your feet and develop better foot coordination. In addition to reducing foot and ankle injuries, it can also strengthen the muscles around your joints.

You should begin by stretching out a long rope to match your height. Then, place both feet smack in the middle of the rope, and bring the ends up to your armpits. The ideal length of a rope for you is one in which the grips come up just short of your armpits.

Martial Arts

Everyone can benefit from the physical and mental fitness that comes from training in martial arts. Martial arts have been shown to improve cardiovascular health in several ways. More blood is pumped to your body’s tissues as your heart rate rises during a martial arts workout. Your heart and other parts of your cardiovascular system get better with time as your body gets better at pumping blood.

In addition, taking up martial arts and maintaining an active lifestyle will help you deal with stress more efficiently. Martial arts training not only improves students’ well-being but also inspires them to lead more positive and fulfilling lives. When you train in martial arts, you strengthen your mental strength and develop a more optimistic outlook.

Any aerobic exercises we mentioned here will be a good option for men who want a routine that fits easily into their busy schedules. In addition, these activities can be just as practical as doing them in a fitness facility when done conveniently in one’s own home, given that one sticks to a regular habit.