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The Art of Patron Bottle Art Competition Encourages Artistic Vision

Disclaimer: Thank you to Patron for sponsoring this post and for sending me the supplies needed to create the Art of Patron bottle art, however, I will not enter the 2016 Patron sweepstakes due to this partnership. Good luck to all the contestants!


When Patron reached out and asked if I would be interested in partnering with them on their Art of Patron Bottle Art Competition campaign, I was intrigued. I wondered what bottle art was, and after seeing the incredible submissions from the past two years, I was excited to try my hand at something new and see if I could create something as creative as those before me.

Patron explained that the Art of Patron Bottle Art Competition encourages fans and artisans across America to share their artistic vision using an iconic Patron bottle as the basis of their inspiration. Each year, fans of all abilities submit their incredible and unique masterpieces that range from spectacular waterfalls to striking light fixtures and awe-inspiring candleholders.

As well as sharing Patron’s national platform, where their work will be showcased, the winner can also pocket a cool $10,000, but what drew me to this competition is that while anyone can enter, and it’s really just a challenge to your own imagination. The Patron bottle is an iconic design feature, and as I learned, there really isn’t a whole lot you can do to make it look bad.

My Art of Patron Experience

Patron challenged me to create a piece of art or functional item based on their iconic bottle. As I’m not a renowned artist or confidently crafty, I decided to opt for a functional item, which instantly captured my imagination. A functional item could be anything from a light fixture, like I made, to a birdfeeder; yes, I have seen one of these, and it is so cool!

I wanted to create something rugged, and that would look good in my home, but that also captures the spirit of Patron. When I think of Patron, I think of the craftsmanship and artistry that goes inside of every bottle, so it only made sense to bring that vibe to the outside. It wasn’t long before I was getting into the creative zone and was having a lot of fun building my installation.

Patron sent me some cool craft supplies to get the party started, but I also took a trip to my local craft store where I found tons of fun and unique decorations you could use to embellish your bottle art. The light really transforms a Patron bottle into a majestic installation at the flick of a switch!

The Art of Patron Bottle Art Competition

If you want to create your own inspired Patron Bottle art, and would like a chance to be acknowledged as an artist on a national platform and pocket a cool $10,000, I have awesome news for you. The third annual competition is now accepting submissions at, and you have until October 14 to present your original artwork or functional item.

Here’s what you need to know:


  • You must be 21 and over to enter
  • You must create a 3D and tangible object using a Patron bottle; no photos, drawings, illustrations, or renderings will be accepted
  • You can build upon or depict any Patron bottle such as Patron XO Café or Roca Patron
  • You must not depict children or items that may appeal to children (21+)
  • You must not include hateful, graphic, suggestive, or explicit content that may offend or discriminate or promote underage or illicit affairs

I really hope you will consider entering. I learned that despite some initial hesitations, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be a really rewarding experience. I love the Patron light I crafted and have already received a ton of compliments on it from friends. If you do decide to enter, don’t forget to tag me @MaleStandard so I can see!

To submit your artwork or functional item, or to find out more info, please visit and follow @patron on social media for full coverage and winner announcement.