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The 5 Biggest Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Let’s face it:  hair loss in men is going to be unavoidable for many of you.  But just what exactly causes you to lose your precious hair?  Let’s take a look at the five biggest factors.

Reason #1:  It’s Genetic

Most of the time (over 90% of the time in fact), when men go bald it is because of male-patterned baldness.  Known in the medical world as androgenetic alopecia, male patterned baldness will cause you to lose your hair in an “M”-like shape across your head.   This typically occurs in middle or old age, though some men begin to see their hair thinning as early as their teen years.  There are many treatments out there for male-patterned baldness, but most only slow the progression of balding rather than stop it completely.

Reason #2:  It’s Your Medication

Any number of medications can cause rapid or gradual hair loss.  Consult with your doctor if you are worried that you may be taking a medication that is causing you to go bald.

Reason #3:  You’re Stressed

Stress can cause all kinds of things to happen to your body.  Extreme stresors- like a sudden death of a close relative or a divorce- can have extreme bodily side effects, including hair loss.  When you become extremely stressed, depressed or otherwise upset, your body goes into a state of shock and it is flooded with all kinds of different hormones that can cause your immune system to attack your body rather than help it.

Reason #4:  It’s a Side Effect

Diseases such as hypothyroidism, diabetes or arthritis can cause hair loss.  If you have hypothyroidism, your body is not producing enough hormones and patchy hair loss can occur all over your body.  With diabetes and arthritis, your immune system can attack healthy cells on your body, including hair follicles, resulting in permanent hair loss.

Reason #5:  You Wear Braids

This is kind of an obvious one, but if you pull back your hair a lot or wear it in tight braids, you are setting yourself up for baldness later on.  Most likely this isn’t something you need to get too worried about, especially if you don’t have long hair.  Just remember that if you have long hair and pull it back often, keep it as loose as you possibly can.