Men's Grooming

The 40-Something’s Guide to Grooming

A man’s 40s usher in a new era of grooming. While men tend to look more distinguished as they reach middle age, hygiene requires a little more work than in previous years. Skincare is a priority as wrinkles become more defined and dryness may become a more pronounced problem. A man may experience marked hair thinning and loss, as well as graying.

Here are a few grooming tips for a man in his 40s:

  • Skincare. As you reach your 40s, your skin is already losing some of its elasticity. You may begin to notice softness and sagging, especially around the jawline. Shaving helps exfoliate the skin, which promotes cell turnover, helping keep skin younger-looking. A man should also cleanse his face at least once a day. Moisturizers with sunblock are available that can help reduce dryness while protecting you against sun damage.
  • Hair loss. Hair patterns are inherited genetically. If you’re suffering hair loss as you get older, you aren’t alone. Many men wear their hair loss proudly, not trying to cover it up or fight it. Some even choose to shave the rest off and go completely bald. Treatments are available that can help reduce hair loss or transplant hair from other parts of your body to your head. Choose the option that makes you happiest.
  • Graying hair. Many women report that they find men with gray hair more distinguished, even sexy. Keep that in mind before you search for hair products that will cover it up. That said, beware of over-the-counter products that promise to wash away the gray. Some can be very heavy. If you are intent on covering up your gray hair, seek the attention of a professional stylist.
  • Unwanted hair. While you’ll begin to notice hair loss on your head, you may battle increased hair in other areas of the body, like your ears, nose, and back. Invest in a good nose and ear hair trimmer—one that trims hair easily and safely. Using scissors can be dangerous. If you find caring for neck and back hair is too time-consuming, consider making an appointment with a professional to have it removed via a wax treatment. Wax hair removal can keep the hair away for two to three weeks at a time, but it tends to be painful.

Your 40s are among the best years of your life, as you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now your attention must turn to taking care of your skin and hair so that you can enjoy many more years of hygienic health.

Are you a 40-something? Let us know what grooming tips work for you?