Men's Grooming

The 20-Something’s Guide to Grooming

Note: This is the first installment of the Guide to Grooming series. Every Wednesday for the next three weeks will feature a new guide covering a different age group. Enjoy!

Good grooming in your 20s is about transition. You’re moving from teenager to young man, learning what it takes to climb the career ladder, and trying to meet the right person—or at least not scare away everyone you meet. The basics of good grooming in your 20s revolve around protecting your skin and discovering your signature look and smell.

  • Sunblock—You’ll likely spend a great deal of your free time outdoors and, while it may not seem a priority at the time, you’ll be glad you wore sunblock later. Not only will you keep yourself from looking like a lizard by the time you hit middle age, skin cancer is a killer.
  • Cologne—The discount department store cologne of your youth is no longer acceptable once you’re paying your own rent and driving your own car to work every day. It’s time to begin the search for the scent that states who you are. The key is to find one scent that people will identify with you—make it something that embodies who you are. Woodsy, outdoorsy scents are perfect if you’re the adventurous type and sophisticated scents are perfect if you want to project the image of an up-and-coming business professional.
  • Aftershave—If you’re not quite the cologne type, a light, masculine aftershave can both rejuvenate you and wake you up early. Search for aftershaves in gel form for extra cool coverage.
  • Hair product—The key to a great look is to use just enough hairstyling product to be able to control your hair without using so much that others can see it. Look for a product that doesn’t weigh your hair down and use only a small amount.
  • Dental hygiene—Whether you have a good dental plan or not, good dental care is important, both for the future of your teeth and out of consideration for your friends and significant others. Floss daily and brush often and, if possible, visit your dentist twice a year for cleanings.
  • Nail kit—As you begin building your grooming routine, “kits” are a great way to equip yourself with everything you might need without having to find storage for drawers full of products. Every 20-something male should have a kit with toenail and fingernail clippers and a nail file. Some nail kits also include tweezers and scissors.

No matter what your age, good grooming is essential. For men in their 20s, sun protection and hygiene are top priorities as you focus on building your career and enjoying adulthood.

Are you in your twenties? If so, what are your thoughts?