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Tequila Herradura Presents Directo De Alambique

When enjoying some flavorful Spanish or Mexican food, popping with citrus flavors and heat and tang, you may think, “too bad this can’t get me drunk.” Here to solve that problem is Tequila Herradura, which is now unrolling the fourth release of its series Coleccion De La Casa Reserva 2015, Directo De Alambique, a limited-edition tequila with the flavors of spices, peppers, and sweet agave.

Blue agave is the silver bullet in this small-batch tequila. The desert plant, usually harvested for its honey-like syrup, is in this case fermented with natural yeast to make the 110-proof distilled treat. The company promises “a bold tequila expression for true tequila lovers.”

Directo’s taste is full-bodied, with a lasting finish, balancing black pepper, citrus tones, and the sweet agave. It hits the nose with spiciness. One of the factors in this unique taste is that the spirits go from the still to the bottle, without barrel aging.

You may or may not know that Casa Herradura has a history stretching back to 1870, using its hand-crafting methods to produce 100% agave tequila. In addition to its Coleccion De La Casa Reserva, the company serves up, Reposado, Anejo, Herradur Silver, and Extra Anejo.

As you can see, like microbrews that combine surprising flavors like peach, wheat, and nutmeg; orange and tabasco; blackberry and vanilla, Tequila Herradura is committed to giving you flavor profiles you’ll have a hard time getting anywhere else. They’re no factory, but instead artisans who stick with their age-old methods, working their magic in the small town of Amatitan, Jalisco. This may not be the beverage for college parties or sport drinking, but instead for savoring by people who enjoy a fine tequila.

Directo de Alambique will be available nationwide beginning, January 2016.