Tattoo aftercare is just as important as a good tattoo design.  A tattoo that is not cared for properly can ruin a design that looked beautiful when it was first inked.  Make sure you follow these steps for proper tattoo aftercare if you want your tattoo to remain as attractive as possible.

  1. Leave that bandage alone!  A tattoo is a wound, and it needs to be cared for as such.  Your tattoo artist should have put a bandage on your tattoo, and that bandage needs to be left on for two hours (at the bare minimum).  It’s normal to want to examine a new tattoo, but that is going to have to wait until later.
  2. Get rid of the saran wrap.  If your tattoo artist covered your tattoo in saran wrap or another clear plastic, you need to remove it immediately.  Plastic wrap is very harmful to a new tattoo as it will suffocate it.
  3. Wash your new tattoo.  After you remove your bandage, use some lukewarm water and very mild soap to wash off the area covered by your tattoo.  You need to remove any blood/plasma, ointment, oil or dirt from the area and make sure it is completely clean.  Then gently pat it dry.  Make sure you use a VERY clean towel to blot the area dry.
  4. Rub some ointment on the area.  Use a very light application of any anti-bacterial ointment other than Neosporin.  Neosporin sometimes causes an allergic reaction with raised red bumps.  These bumps will go away when the infection subsides, and the ink where the bumps were will go away as well.

After it’s healed

  • Make sure you use at least 30 SPF around your tattoo when going out in the sun.
  • Make sure you do not soak a new tattoo in the water when showering or bathing.  Avoid submerging the tattoo in water for two or three weeks after it is inked.
  • Scabbing is normal.  Apply soft, moist compresses to the tattooed area a few times a day for five minutes at a time to help the scabbing go away.

Recommended Products

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  1. These are great tips for tattoo aftercare. Following them will definitely reduce the risk of infection and will help your tattoo look the way it’s intended to!

    I use the Ink-EEZE daily moisturizer and it’s great! It provides moisture without being overly greasy and seems to give my tattoos some added shine. Since more of my body is tattooed than not, I don’t even bother using other moisturizer for the non-tattooed parts and just use the Ink-EEZE moisturizer all over.
    Getting some new work done in a week and I’ll be trying out the Ink-EEZE healing cream.

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  2. After trying the ink-EEZE moisturizer myself I was pleased with the extra moisture it provided my tattood skin. It made old color brighten up and new color just POP!! I love that it is non greasy and the moisture last all day long.
    Over summer I turned my son onto the moisturizer and the sunscreen to protect his fully sleeved arms that have a lot of color. He was impressed as well and felt protected by the harsh sun during summer.

    Thank You Male for turning me onto this product, we are sold out on it and plan to continue the use!!
    Cori and Brandon

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