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Would You Elect a President Under The Age Of 35?

To find out what Captain Morgan is doing to change the political landscape, I was invited to take a tour of the Captain Morgan Campaign bus. This is an incredible custom bus that is touring the country and creating a movement to enable Americans under 35 to run for POTUS (President of the United States).

People from every walk of life were encouraged to interact with the bus and find out why their voice matters. I loved seeing strangers coming together rand engaging in debates and sparking ideas. It was an inspiring day, and one that was filled with excitement and potential for what the future can hold for all of us.

I got the conversation started and asked people what they thought about the #Under35Potus campaign.


Let’s Amend That

People aged 21 to 35 have just as much to offer, if not more, than those over 35; and can breathe new life and ideas into the political landscape. We have the desire, the need, and the ability to get the job done, and are invested because the future of this great nation is very much “our future.”

That’s why I signed this petition hosted by Captain Morgan to ask the United States Government to change the age that we can run for president, and I’m asking you to do the same. If you want your vote to count, all you have to do is visit POTUS Under 35 and fill in the info. You can also spread the word online using #Under35Potus.

Remember, this is your chance to be the driving force in the future of the United States, by opening up a radical and exciting new political platform that could benefit millions of people for years to come. This is the change we didn’t know we were waiting for so be sure to share this post with your friends today and take action.

Check out this awesome video where I take you on a Presidential tour of the Captain Morgan Campaign bus.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Captain Morgan for sponsoring this post and inviting me to support their campaign trail; I truly believe all people of legal voting age should be able to run for POTUS! All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.