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Luck Is Earned – Tequila Herradura Sets a New Aspiration & Showcases Video Campaign

Luxury brand Tequila Herradura announced that it worked together with Agency of Record GREY Canada to develop and produce their new marketing campaign (“Luck Is Earned”), which serves to highlight the 145-year commitment that Herradura accomplishes through their dedication to craft and determination in achieving excellence. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdVqbUDwlVg] “We’re excited […]

Men's Lifestyle

3 Ways to Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month

Did you know September is National Bourbon Heritage Month? This year, we’re celebrating the ninth anniversary of reinforcing the 1964 Act of Congress, whereby the US Senate unanimously passed the bill and declared bourbon “America’s Native Spirit.” What better way to celebrate than with a delicious and native bourbon to […]