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Suspenders: Functional and Fashionable Tips From

Suspenders are often seen as old-fashioned or “too vintage”, but this is due to the fact that there’s no education on exactly how to wear these gadgets. answers all your man-cessory questions, especially when it comes to looking like a gentleman. The first thing to know is that suspenders are always attached precisely at the waistline, no where else, and clip-ons are the easiest way to go.  With clip-ons, simply open the jaws of the attached clips and place them equidistant from the back seam and the crotch seam, about where the pelvic or hip bones protrude.

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If you’re a first-time suspender-wearer, be sure to suspend with caution as something too dramatic may make you feel awkward or uncomfortable. Start with a neutral shade that matches everything like a nude, charcoal or navy suspenders and work your way up from there as you progressively adjust. Don’t start off with anything too trendy or too retro like skinny or wide braces, start with a standard sized pair. However, if you are particularly thin, a skinny pair of suspenders look best on you. But do remember that the decision lies between suspenders OR belt and never both.

Now to the most important question:

What outfits look good with suspenders?

Suspenders are always worn best with a formal ensemble, particularly with a crisp white cotton shirt and a pair of carbon black dress pants. What’s great about this classic look is that it will typically make for a more masculine silhouette, especially for men with broad shoulders. Suspenders are not visible when worn with a jacket, lending a distinctly unique and polished look in either a jacket-on or a jacket-off scenario.

However, suspenders can also be worn in trendier and even hipster punk and indie communities. Patterned suspenders worn over a vintage t-shirt and skinny jeans or chinos looks more masculine compared to that of the preppy style, which pairs more subtly colored braces over a light plaid or pinstriped shirt. Can braces be worn with ties? Absolutely!

But be sure to never match the pattern or color of your suspenders to that of your tie, unless the color is black, is approved by the experts here at Suspenders can be worn over an array of different outfits, just keep in mind the few rules we provided for you.