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Superstitious Sunday – Planning a Game Day You Can Depend On

When it comes to football, there are no hard losers – only those who were jinxed! Teams ceremoniously undergo seasons of “bad luck,” and are said to be “cursed” when they fail to win; but is there any truth in these old and often bizarre superstitions? Or are they simply time-honored traditions we use to soften the end-of-season blow? The truth may surprise you.

Take Carolina Panthers Coach Ron Rivera, for example, who wears the same shoes every game day; and asks his wife to prepare the same breakfast, using bread from their local store called the Great Harvest Bread Co. She also gives him a peanut butter and oatmeal cookie before every game, and can always be seen receiving his “I love you” hand gesture from the 20-yard line.

But Coach Rivera is not alone; Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton chews gum. Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning likes to sleep in. Denver Broncos Offensive Lineman Louis Vasquez keeps his mouthpiece in the whole game. Carolina Panthers Linebacker Ben Jacobs grows a beard, and Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders plays video games (against his opposing team).

The Superstition Fan Check List

It’s not just the teams who play into superstitions; fans engage in these rituals as well. Throughout the years, fan superstitions have taken the game to a new level. From serving the same half-time snacks to wearing fan regalia season-long, fans are finding new ways to show their love of the game. What makes this so much fun is that you get to choose what your tradition will be for your team.

Of course, one of the most popular superstitions goes to where you watch the game; ‘the home game-day seat’ is a throne for a true fan, and it’s here that all the superstitions come together. Combining the comfort of your natural surroundings, with the opportunity to wine, dine, and be at one with your TV is perhaps the crowning glory of every awaited half-time celebration. It’s also the most superstitious of events.

Superstitions are important for several reasons; firstly, they engage fans in the game. Rather than being a spectator, they bring you into the action. Secondly, they give fans a way to focus their energy in a productive and meaningful way. Whether a fan act helps the team win is of little importance, being part of a greater community of shared values is the real takeaway.

Whatever your game-day ritual, Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s Limited Edition variety pack with Hard BLOOD Orange is the Cold. Hard. and Refreshing way to “squeeze” some fun into game-day. Pick up a 12-pack (for all your friends) in participating stores while stocks last. Hurry, these refreshing, and unconventional flavors won’t last forever.

Below is some fun (and adult) ways for you to support your team:

  1. Use the Same Seat Each Game-Day: marking your territory is a major step in gaining your Super Fan status; do not let anyone sit on your throne. Superstition bonus points can be added if you have a team cushion or throw for your favorite game-day seat.
  2. Wear Your “Lucky Socks” to Each Game: these must be the socks you wore (unwashed) on the day your team last won the Super Bowl. After all, these socks were the real reason your team won and not wearing them would be a disservice to your sportsmen!
  3. Take a Sip of Your Drink When Your Team Scores: celebrating from the sidelines is what being a fan is all about. I love to sip Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s (thanks to their all-natural and refreshingly different flavors) during each I refuse to drink beer after that one time I got a six-pack and my team lost – call me superstitious.
  4. Throw a Half Time Party: everyone and their Momma remembers where they were when the half-time show curtains go up, so make it a tradition to bring folks together at your place. Next year, fans will look to your house as the go-to that will help their team win.
  5. Get Season Tickets: what better way to show your support than to turn up and cheer for the sportsmen who make it all possible? Fanmanship is all about taking action and showing support in whatever way makes you happy.

At the end of the game, it doesn’t matter who wins or who loses, what makes the Big Game so iconic is how you will choose to spread the cheer and celebrate with friends. Make your guests feel at welcomed by providing lots of drinks and snacks, and embrace all teams and players. I promise, once you kick back, all you and your guests will be focused on is how much fun you’re having!

Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s Hard BLOOD Orange is my party pick; this limited-edition all-natural flavor is the perfect toast to your tailgating party!

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