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Stylish Stocking Fillers For Men By Karma Mantra

More than a brand or product, Karma Mantra is a lifestyle. Their eclectic designs and cultivation of thought represents the originality they wish to bring to the world. The art, culture, and music Karma Mantra blends together embodies their movement to bring about a new revival of the individual. It is through the power of the individual that the changes they wish to see in the world ultimately occur. We create who we are, and we are what we create. Karma Mantra seeks to celebrate one’s self regardless of creed, religion, or race. Karma Mantra seeks to focus on the larger unified creativity we all share. Karma Mantra seeks to call into action all those who have a voice, but have not yet projected it. Karma Mantra seeks to change the world.

Turquoise & Rosewood Bracelet

Photo Credit: Karma Mantra

Om Bracelet

Photo Credit: Karma Mantra

Malachite Mala

Photo Credit: Karma Mantra

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