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Style Tips from Jake Johnson: Wear Twenty Jeans

Funny man Nick Miller (aka Jake Johnson) on FOX’s “New Girl” is the man of everyone‘s dreams. If you’re a dude, you love him because he works at a bar, is a great drinking buddy, eats dumplings whenever he wants them, and dates a super hot and quirky chick. As for the ladies, we love his goofiness, sense of adventure, and laid-back, manly-but-unpretentious style. Not to mention, he’s just so gosh darn adorable.

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In last night’s winter 2014 premiere of “New Girl,” Miller/Johnson sported a casual-yet-smart flannel from Twenty Jeans, the men’s e-tailer of all-things denim. Since keeping warm is just as important as staying stylish during the polar vortex, we’ve picked Twenty Jeans’ The Woodsman ($30) button down as a must-have for men looking to channel the essence of Nick Miller.

Button-Down Shirt in Emerald Isle

“Walk softly, and carry a large axe.” This is a he-man’s shirt. A button-down that gets sh*t done. Like keeping you warm, and being a deep jade (or even emerald?) gem of a wardrobe staple. This thick, cotton, collared badass comes equipped with dual chest pockets and a durable, rugged appeal. We can’t guarantee it will help you land Zooey Deschanel, but it will be damn soft and warm when you go in for the hug.

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