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Style Meets Performance | SAXX Pro Elite Brief Review for the Modern Man

A new kind of style revolution is here; SAXX is changing the men’s underwear game in rolling out a slew of premium goods that marry style, performance and comfort for the modern man. Whether you are working out, hanging out, or taking on an outdoor adventure – SAXX is engineered to provide support and comfort at every intensity and has a something for every guy. This is no ordinary pair of underwear. Simply put, they cradle your balls. There are mega thin mesh inserts on either side that you slot right into, and even while you’re sitting down they do their job keeping everything in its right place down there. That said, you’ll want to have a pair of these on hand for those “walking days” when you’re strolling cities, hiking trails, or prowling trade show floors.

Style Meets Performance | SAXX for the Modern Man

SAXX Tech Specs: Stop Adjusting Yourself

The “Ultra” boxer briefs are made of a viscose/cotton blend that is extremely soft, and they also come in a “Pro Elite” model which are made from synthetic materials built for athletic performance and stopping the briefs from dislodging itself throughout the day. Why does this always happen? At the most inappropriate times, our nether regions get the most annoying discomfort that we can’t ignore. So, without hesitation we do a quick readjustment, but trying to discretely readjust is nearly impossible, as everyone in the room notices. However, Saxx underwear makes those awkward moments disappear.

Style Meets Performance | SAXX for the Modern Man


  • Utilizes Patented Internal Mesh Panels – keeps everything where it should be + prevents unwanted friction
  • Articulated Front Pouch – meaning no stitching and no inner seam bulk for added comfort
  • The Moisture Wicking Waistband stays dry when things heat up and keeps performing when the temperature rises

So guys, if you’re in the market for some good quality underwear that look awesome, seriously check out Saxx. In the meantime, we’re definitely buying some more. The fit and structure make our days that more comfortable. And just FYI, the briefs they sell have the same internal structure to them, and are made of the same excellent and durable fabric, so we’re sure if that’s more your style, you’ll be equally as comfortable in them.

For more info or to order, please visit SAXX.