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Stop Making Excuses & Keep Going to the Gym

Did you know Fall is fitness season?  There are more gym sign ups in October than any other month.  Maybe it’s the imminence of the Thanksgiving dinner, but one thing is for sure, the gyms know you are coming.  A gym membership can run you $1,000 a year.  So when the guilt sets in that Aunt Bethel’s pumpkin pie is going to add 2 inches to your waistline, it’s time to think of a strategy.  The problem is that by December, your well-intentioned membership key chain is often sitting in yur junk drawer collecting dust.

Going to the gym isn’t the problem, it’s making sure you go. To put your hard earned money to work, and to make sure you live up to your intentions, Male Standard teamed with Men’s Health to share the top fitness go tos.  These are the ways we always make it into the gym, even if the snooze button is calling.

Go Once a Week

Every fitness blog will boast that they spend hours in the gym daily, and that’s great.  If you can make time to go every day and enjoy it then by all means.  The rest of us, however, have lives to lead.  Stop burning yourself out by trying to go several times a week, and start off by making one valiant effort and go big once a week.  It’s better to do 52 1 hour sessions over the year than to go 3 times a week for one month and then quit.  If your iron pumping buddy thinks your a loser, it’s time to find a new clique.

Ditch the Protein Shakes

If you’re trying to get into shape, eating healthy and working out really are all of what you need.  Unless you are pushing yourself to the epic proportions set forth by Arnie, then give up the protein shakes.  In most cases, these high calorie, high sugar drinks exceed what me and you need.  All those extra calories need burning off, which means more time in the gym. Instead, eat protein rich foods and get your five fruits and vegetables a day.  Chug those down with at least 8 glasses of water and your body will do the rest!

Invest in the Right Shoes

With all the money you are saving quitting protein shakes, it’s time to rethink your footwear.  While many brands create good looking gym shoes, you really want to be comfortable and well supported, not trendy.  Not all sneakers are built the same.  Many brands carry a line for fashion and for fitness, and some shoes crossover into both.  Your best bet is to speak with someone at a shoe shop to get their advice on what shoe is best for your stature, fitness goals, and workout routines.  Different people need different shoes; a runner isn’t going to need support in the same ways a deadlift might.

Nike Air Trainer Classic

We totally commend your desire to hit up the guy, so don’t mistake our tips as putting you down.  We want you to succeed, which is why we are bringing you the realest advice.  While it may seem counterproductive to slim back, we promise once you can master this level beyond th e quitting period, you will know when to upgrade and go more often.  Baby steps are how Rome was built.  Keep that in mind the next time your buddies try to make you feel guilty about not going.  Next week, when they quit, you’ll be miles ahead.

How do you motivate yourself?  Leave a comment below!