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Step Up Your Summer Sneaker Shoe Game!

Business casual was once a phrase that invoked anxiety, and with good reason; no one really knew what business casual was, and no one knew where to draw the line. Was it at short sleeve shirts? How about wearing denim in the workplace? Thankfully, we’ve come a long way, and for those seeking a casual look that leans on the newly relaxed rules, I’m about to reveal a style secret that can change the game.

Sneakers work in all kinds of situations, but only when they are genuine leather. I cannot stress this enough. Fabric or mesh sneakers belong only in the gym. Leather sneakers offer a world of potential and can be worn with jeans for a causal yet pulled together look, or with a suit for a retro twist. Choose from bold colors in a variety of new and exotic leathers for a high-end statement, or stick with black or tan genuine leather for everyday versatility.

ECCO Men’s Soft 8 Tie

Whatever way you choose to wear leather sneakers, I know you’ll feel confident stepping out. The trick is to treat them like a nice pair of shoes, and relish in the comfort and support only sneakers can provide. Here’s a pair I’m digging right now that go with almost any outfit!

ECCO Men’s Soft 8 Tie

The ECCO men’s Soft 8 Tie is a fresh take on the classic men’s sneaker. I like the clean, uncomplicated design, which has a subtle Scandinavian feel to it. This sneaker is available in all-white, which is perfect for summer or going on vacation, or the year-round daily drivers in black with white sole, and tan with a white sole. As I wear a lot of tan leather, matching my shoe choice to my accessories was easy (and creates a fluid look to a complete outfit), but all three offer great style points. Plus, there’s nothing in the rulebook to say you can’t own more than one color of sneaker. In fact, I recommend it!

ECCO Men’s Soft 8 Tie

The rich leather uppers fuse with a new, thicker white sole to give this classic lace-up sneaker a playful feel, but don’t let that fresh façade fool you. Inside, ECCO has built in technical features to promote comfort with every step, including supportive cushioning. Comfort is one of the main reasons I love to wear sneakers; you can get a pulled together look without feeling like you’re putting your feet under pressure. And, as these are real genuine leather, the more miles you put into them, the more comfortable and roadworthy these become as time goes on.

ECCO Men’s Soft 8 Tie sneakers can be worn with denim and a button down shirt for a relaxed afternoon with friends, or with a grey or navy suit to create a more urban look. I also like to wear mine with shorts over summer for a timeless nautical vibe.

What about you? How do you like to wear your sneakers? Tag me on Instagram @MaleStandard and show off your sneaker game! Don’t forget to visit ECCO to see their full collection of genuine leather sneakers at