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The Safest Ways Men Should Tan (Tips and Guide for Men)

No one wants to look like their distant Irish cousins during summer, but tanning has become quite the controversial topic. Being bronze can make you appear slimmer, more buff, and healthy, so we totally get why more guys want to do it, but the consequences of skin cancer and an early grave should be off-putting. It’s one of the most aggressive forms of cancer and is especially traumatic for men.

So wave goodbye to tanning beds, and say hello to your new tanning options. These are three ways you can reduce your risk of skin cancer while achieving a natural looking tan.

DIY Tanning for Men

Not all tanners sit in the sun for long hours to achieve their golden complexions. There are many ways you can get a tan from the comfort of your home. Fake Bake has been helping thousands of people look bronzer for decades, and they are just one of many sunless tanning solutions. The trick with using an at-home tanner is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

Tanners cure the surface of your skin, which is constantly shedding and renewing itself. By exfoliating you will prolong your tan and ensure an even application. You essentially buff the imperfections away and apply the tan to an even canvas. You should also add lots of water and body moisturizers to your tanning routine to maintain a healthy, golden glow. Results vary but can last about a week.

Spray Tan for Men

If you want the perfect way to look tan without risking skin cancer, start dreaming. While no method is perfect, we have found the next best thing. Spray tans are a great go-to for guys who want to look a little or a lot tan; you can choose from 3 levels at VersaSpa and all promise not to turn orange. We checked out their automatic tanning booth a la Ross from Friends but had great results.

The application takes less than 3 minutes, and will gradually turn you tan over the course of 8 hours. We worried the results would look orange, but are happy to report 5-7 days of natural looking tan occur with a gradual wear off. Your salon expert should talk you through the process so you get a nice, even coverage. Be prepared to wear loose clothes throughout the day.

You Still Need to Use Sunscreen Daily

Contrary to popular belief, to build a tan, you still need to use sunscreen protection. The sun is at its most murderous between 10 am and 2 pm, although use common sense; if you can crack an egg on your windshield, head to the nearest shaded tikka bar for happy hour and try again later. Morning and late afternoon sun is more than effective when building a tan, and won’t toast you to a crisp.

Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer, whose guest book includes actors, politicians, and other fancy people, suggests using Dermalogica Daily Defense SPF15, which is the ideal broad-spectrum sunscreen: It’s light and fast-absorbing, doesn’t leave a residue, and has no fake colors. It’s also a moisturizer. About the only thing it can’t do is apply itself.

What did you think of these three sunless tanning methods for men? Leave a comment and let us know how you like to tan!