When Tahiti Joe got into the gourmet hot sauce biz, his Makua Kane (Father) said, “Keiki Kane (son), if you want to make it in the hot sauce biz, you have to puhi (burn) the competition.” Hailing from West Palm Beach Florida, Tahiti Joe’s is an all purpose, award winning, specialty hot sauce brand that does just that. With 11 Hot Sauces, 9 Maui Pepper brands, and 2 salsas, from the Polynesian to the Killer Garlic XXX Pepper Sauce (the Tropi-Garlic is the #1 garlic hot sauce on the market). Tahiti Joe’s provides the hottest, most favorable hot sauce around.


Photo credit: Tahiti Joes
Photo credit: Tahiti Joe’s


You haven’t tried hot sauce until you’ve tried Tahiti Joe’s Hot Sauce.


For more info, follow @Tahiti_Joes orĀ visitĀ www.tahitijoeshotsauces.com.


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