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SNICKERS Tests ‘How Far’ Road-Trippers Will Go for Free Fuel

With gas prices soaring in advance of July Fourth road trips, SNICKERS has found an outrageous and humorous way to test how far people will go for free fuel – and a fun spin on the standard “July 4th gas price” story. On Thursday, July 3, SNICKERS is satisfying drivers with $20,000 in free cash-for-gas – with a twist. The offer is only available at two of the most isolated, remote gas stations in the entire U.S. One is deep in California’s Mojave Desert, the other lies in the South Dakota Badlands. If you can get there, you DESERVE to fill up the tank.

But don’t worry – the whole thing is designed to let drivers know there’s an EASIER way to get money for gas from SNICKERS. The middle-of-nowhere gas giveaway was created to raise awareness for the SNICKERS® Brand FUEL Game, an ongoing promotion at retailers nationwide giving consumers the chance to fuel up on SNICKERS® Bars or gas all throughout the summer driving season.


How far will people go for free gas this July Fourth weekend? SNICKERS is about to find out. On Thursday, July 3, SNICKERS is drawing attention for its nationwide cash-for-gas promotion SNICKERS® Brand FUEL Game by giving away $20,000 in cash-for-gas at two of the most isolated gas stations in the country ($10,000 in prepaid debit cards at each station). They are:

  • Najah’s Desert Oasis, Essex, California – A true oasis for travelers navigating the Southwest. Located along a desolate stretch of desert on historic Route 66, Najah’s Desert Oasis is the only gas station on a 40-mile stretch of road in one of the most unforgiving landscapes in the U.S.
  • Cowboy Corner, Interior, South Dakota – Nestled near the Badlands, Cowboy Corner is one of the few gas stations en route to the iconic Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower or the Black Hills.

The one-day-only giveaway will start at 9 AM local time on Thursday, July 3 and continue until 5 PM local time that evening – or while supplies last. At each station, SNICKERS® Brand will distribute to the first 200 vehicles a $50 prepaid debit card ($10,000 worth at each station) which can be instantly redeemed for free gas on site or elsewhere, with a limit of one prepaid debit card per eligible individual with a vehicle on site. This special offer is good for legal residents of the United States, age 18 or older, with valid driver’s license.

An Easier Way to Get Fueled Up – SNICKERS® Brand FUEL Game

Rest assured – trekking into the parts unknown this week isn’t the ONLY opportunity to win a chance to fuel up from SNICKERS®. The one-day giveaway was created to raise awareness for the SNICKERS® Brand FUEL Game, an ongoing nationwide promotion giving consumers the chance to fuel up on SNICKERS® Bars or gas throughout the summer driving season. It’s a prospect that’s nearly as enticing as the delicious and classic combination of roasted peanuts, caramel, nougat and milk chocolate in SNICKERS® Bars.

Specially marked SNICKERS® Bars  offering the chance to play the SNICKERS® Brand FUEL Game are available nationally at convenience, gas stations and retailers offering consumers opportunities to win cash-for-gas, or one of thousands of coupons, redeemable for a free SNICKERS® Bar.