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Six Grooming Tips For Dapper Men

For men who want to portray a professional and clean-cut look, there are many ways to take care of yourself and enhance your overall appearance. Although it can be easy to leave the grooming to the ladies, there are a number of ways to stay masculine while maintaining a great look.

Get a Manicure and Pedicure

An increasing number of men are visiting the nail salon to get both manicures and pedicures. Although they’re skipping the colored nail polish, it’s a great way to keep nails clean and trimmed without looking feminine.

Wax the Eyebrows

Even for men, it’s important to keep eyebrows trimmed and polished. Avoid shaving, but opt for minimal waxing or tweezing the eyebrows to remove stray hairs without reshaping the eyebrows altogether. It’s equally important to remove hair from the middle of the eyebrows.

Whiten Teeth

Teeth naturally become stained and can diminish in color overtime due to foods consumed and poor brushing habits. Use home whitening kits, which will gradually brighten the smile over a few weeks. Teeth can also get professionally whitened for results that last up to a year.

Keep it Trimmed

An electric razor will ensure a closer shave where no strand is left behind. Avoid cheap disposable razors, which are more prone to causing nicks and cuts on the skin due to the poor quality of materials used. To maintain the function of the electric razor, an authorized repair service should be utilized to ensure that the razor continues to work properly for a clean and smooth face.

Stick with a Specific Hairstyle

Instead of going with the flow, choose a hairstyle that is currently trending and will make you look fresh. Avoid bed head and style the hair with a bit of product each day for a specific style that looks masculine and stylish. Similarly, it’s important to visit a hair salon every three to six weeks to keep hair in place.

Choose a High-Quality Cologne

Cologne will work to create a masculine presence with a product where you truly get what you pay for. Avoid cheap cologne, which will definitely smell inexpensive and can detract from your look. Visit Macy’s to get a variety of top end products. For men, there are an increasing number of ways to stay groomed and look your absolute best due to great products and services. By practicing good hygiene and staying polished, it will enhance both your personal and professional life for a great way to feel dapper.

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