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Signs You’re Ready For A New Relationship

After one relationship ends, whether it was a long-term, serious one, or something much less significant, it could be a long time before you think you’re ready to start dating again. However, there will generally come a time when you do want to try for another relationship; this is only natural. The issue here is that you don’t want to rush into things, especially if you had your heart broken or your trust was tested. This is why it’s important to look out for the signs that you are ready for a new relationship. Therefore, keep reading this blog to find out what some of these signs are.

Not Looking Back

If you are always looking back and wishing or hoping that your old relationship could be repaired and that you and your ex could be together again, you’re not ready for a new relationship. It wouldn’t be fair on your new partner, and it wouldn’t be right for you – you would never be happy, especially as you would constantly be comparing your new partner to your old one.

It’s a great idea to make sure you spend time by yourself and work out what you actually want in a relationship and life. Think back as much as you can about the past and what happened and make changes if that makes sense, but no matter what, give yourself enough time to recover from what went wrong. This could be a quick exercise, or it might take a long time, but until you stop thinking about the past and looking back, you won’t be able to move forward, and you won’t be ready for a new relationship.

Actively Looking

If you have started to actively look for a new partner, this is a good sign that you’re in the right place for a new relationship. You might have signed up for an online dating site, for example, or perhaps you’ve asked family and friends and perhaps colleagues to help you find someone to go out with. You might be going out more to places like clubs and bars where you know it’s possible to meet people.

One great idea is to find matchmaking services, this is ideal if you are a discerning single looking for someone special and you want some help to ensure you find someone who is just right for you. When you’re ready to take this step, finding a new relationship becomes much easier.

You’re Independent

Being independent – and being comfortable with that independence – is a sure sign that you are able to take on a new relationship. Once you know you are happy and capable of being on your own, you’ll be more free to find someone to share your time (and possibly your life) with. You won’t need them to help you, and they won’t be there to complete you, and therefore you can focus on them rather than what they can do for you.

Plus, being independent means you’ll be more confident right at the start of the relationship. You’ll know that things could go wrong, but you’ll know that if they do, you’ll be able to cope. Remember that a good, long-lasting relationship is built on two people who are able to enjoy their own lives as well as being together, so being independent is crucial.