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Selfmade Threads Inspire Men To “Become Selfmade”

Selfmade Threads believe that success is a mindset. It is about having the courage to attack failure and live by faith. Your life, your ambition and their clothing are more than just an opportunity to succeed, but a movement toward greatness. The hope of Selfmade Threads is that you let their brand stand as a tribute to those who are courageous enough to serve, those who risk, and those who lead. Selfmade Threads join you in your pursuit of freedom as a declaration of your independence, your mission statement, and a vision for your future. “Become Selfmade””

Photo Credit: Slefmade Threads

About Self Made Threads

Selfmade Threads is proud to announce the launch of Become Selfmade, your daily dose of fashion, culture, swagger, success, and mindset correction that you won’t find anywhere else…and most importantly, we will shine the spotlight on self-made business owners, athletes, innovators, musicians, and much more. This is the platform you’ve been waiting for…and this is only the beginning. Check back as we roll out limited offers, specialty shirt packages, shirts of the month, and maybe even a little Selfmade Street Team action to give you some stake in our mission. We couldn’t do any of this without you, and we want you to be a part of the Selfmade Takeover. Be sure to follow us on Twitter@selfmadethreads and keep it locked right here for the latest.

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