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Say Cheese: How to Create A Transformational Smile

As adults, it can be easy for the smile to quickly diminish with discoloration and shifting teeth, making it important to enhance the smile and improve the overall appearance. With a bit of dental work and some simple at-home care, it can be easy to restore the beauty of your natural smile.

Whiten Teeth

Overtime, stains easily acquire due to consumption of beverages that include coffee, tea, wine, and soda. Other foods that can cause discoloration include sauces and berries, which can be difficult to avoid consuming just to protect the color of the teeth. Whiten your teeth with a professional service for a simple and safe treatment that will enhance the brightness and last up to a year. Whitening trays and strips can also be purchased over-the-counter for gradual restoration of the smile.

Use an Automatic Toothbrush

Automatic toothbrushes are preferred by dental professionals over manual toothbrushes as they work to remove seven times more plaque and more strokes in just two minutes than a manual toothbrush does in a two-month period. Not only will using an automatic toothbrush lead to whiter teeth, but gum health will also improve with proper stimulation.

Replace Silver Fillings

Silver fillings are often an eyesore and can diminish the overall appearance of teeth, making it important to replace the fillings with modern tooth-colored ones that will easily blend in with the surrounding teeth.

Improving Teeth

Veneers and dental implants make it possible to correct the smile by either replacing missing teeth or improving the appearance for a permanent tooth that looks natural. Both types of teeth are stain-resistant and will maintain their appearance over time, and can be inserted by a dental clinic in Houston. Veneers work to cover individual teeth to improve the overall aesthetics while dental implants are a modern form of dentures and are cemented at the root.

Restore Gums

Gums can easily detract from beautiful teeth when they have been neglected for several years. Bright or swollen gums are signs of unhealthy gums that should have better care. Floss on a daily basis at least once a day, and spend at least two minutes carefully removing food or plaque that has built up.While brushing, gums should gently be brushed for proper stimulation. Mouthwash should also be used to remove debris that has become lodged in between the gums and teeth, as well as to kill germs.

Although it can feel discouraging to have a diminished smile as an adult, there are a number of ways to enhance both teeth and gums to restore their color and overall appearance.

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