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I Saw the Next-Gen Silverado Revealed at Chevy Truck Centennial Event

In a truly “once-in-a-100-year” event, I was invited by Chevy to witness an amazing debut in Dallas, TX, where the history and future collided – the next-gen Silverado was airlifted into view at the Chevy Truck Centennial Event. Celebrating the first 100 years of Chevy Trucks, I was proud to stand side-by-side with the teams of people who created these trucks and Chevy Truck Legends members, some of the brand’s most passionate owners.

The all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado was introduced at an event celebrating the first 100 years of Chevy Trucks on Saturday, December 16 in Dallas, Texas. The 2019 Silverado 1500 is all new from the ground up and leverages Chevrolet’s experience building more than 85 million dependable, long-lasting pickups.

“Our owners’ passion for Chevrolet trucks is truly humbling,” said Alan Batey, president of GM North America, and global head of Chevrolet. “Many of our owners depend on their trucks for work and play, personalize their trucks in astonishing ways and pass their loyalty for Chevy Trucks down from generation to generation. This was the inspiration behind the next-gen truck, which boasts more features and more innovation than ever – something fans asked for, and will continue to get!


Also at the event was recently retired NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., who is a lifelong fan of Chevy. Dale Jr.’s famous #88 Stock Impala has been with him through his record-breaking races, has been featured in virals commercials, and Dale Jr. even owns a Chevy dealership in Tennessee). I attended a private media dinner and got to hear how Chevy shaped his best moments, and took him to be a very humble who represents the values of the Chevy brand.

2019 Next-Gen Silverado Unveiled  

For 100 years, Chevy has been a leader in trucks, building more than 85 million dependable, long-lasting pickups. The next-gen Silverado reflects feedback from more than 7,000 people on what they wanted in their next truck — the most customer research in the company’s history, and was debuted in spectacular fashion, and enabled us to learn more about the technology and convenience features Chevy has been working on.

The highlight of the Centennial Event was the exclusive unveiling of the new Chevy Silverado, celebrating 100 years of Chevy engineering. The next-gen Silverado LT Trailboss is one of eight 2019 Silverado models coming. It integrates the off-road equipment of the Z71 package as well as a two-inch suspension lift. Unlike aftermarket lift kits, the Trailboss suspension is fully tested, validated and warrantied by Chevrolet.

As no two truck customers are alike, the Silverado will offer an expanded range of models, more engine and transmission combinations and more technology and convenience features to help customers find their ideal truck. It was clear at the event that Chevy has listened to the fans, the consumers, and the people who depend on the Silverado daily to make the best possible truck at an affordable price point.

The event was incredibly fun and enabled us to get up close and personal with what makes the Chevy brand so great. The comradery, the sense of family value, and a lifelong commitment to excellence all stood out. If you’re in the market for a new pick up, the next-gen Silverado has some excellent features – looks great, and could be a fantastic fit for you.

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