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Salt Lake City Named the Best Dating City (What do You Think!)

A lot of people probably think a lot of different things when they think of Salt Lake City.  But they may not think of it as the singles capital that it is.  At least, it ranks that way in one study, from the personal finance website WalletHub.

Right behind Salt Lake are Orlando, Tempe, and Atlanta, with Scottsdale, AZ rounding out the top five. The very worst is Yonkers, NY, pushed by Hialeah, FL and North Las Vegas, NV.

The study takes a look at the overall experience of being single and eligible for the dating scene in these American cities.  It’s more than just a question of how many singles live in the area, although that is a factor.  Detroit, which has the highest percentage of single people, ranks very low on the list, which suggests that Wallethub doesn’t value a glut of single people, but considers a thinner field to be advantageous.  That would make it easier to find the right match.

In fact, the study takes into consideration online dating opportunities, which seems to refer to the number of profiles from people in the area.

But it also takes into consideration such important indexes as availability of entertainment, affordability of movies and bottles of wine, etc.  If there are people out there for you to date but nowhere to go and it will break the bank, then it’s not a good city for dating, right?

So, in short, if you’re having a miserable go of it, and you live in Yonkers and the others, you can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s not your fault.  If, however, living in Salt Lake still isn’t helping you, you’re going to have to search within.  Ah, who are we kidding?  You’re going to get one of those books on dating, right?