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4 Role Playing Ideas for the Bedroom

Hello boys, I have missed you! The beauty in role play emerges when you are not yourself and normal boundaries can be unguarded without fear or embarrassment. And, if you are both on the same page, your fantasies will illuminate without the concern of judgment. I have mentioned before that I like to change my hair color regularly, which I consider a type of role play. I am someone else when my hair is a different color, it changes my mood and the way I feel about myself. However, you should be cautious. Some women might get turned off by this, as they feel that they should be enough for you without any changes or Princess Leia hair buns.

There are plenty of girls in the world who do want to dress up and get naughty, I assure you. Once you lasso one in, communicate to her openly and honestly about it and find out what her limits are going to be. Unless she brings up the role playing first, you should be fairly confident that you know this girl – who knows what crazy guys have dressed up for her in the past. Communication remains the key to a healthy sexual relationship in the bedroom. Once the limits are in place, explore all the new opportunities you have created for yourself. Buy her outfits. Buy yourself outfits. Get outfits together and have a total stranger pick them for you in the store. And if you are not going to play a character then why am I? So be willing to don some tights as well, Superman.

Francesca’s Favorites:

The Deliveryman:

He shows up in one of those sexy brown delivery uniforms. She waits by the door in lingerie, surprising him. He acts shy at first to test her out but he knows whats about to happen. When he realizes that – married or not – she’s hot, wet, and waiting to unleash the sex god under the uniform. Putting down one package to take care of another, he takes her right there in the entryway, against the wall or on the floor.

Breaking Then Entering:

She sleeps bed and awakens at the sound of an intruder. Hearing what sounds like her stuff getting stolen, she gets up to investigate wearing just panties and a tank top. He hears her getting out of bed and waits quietly in the darkness. As she passes in the hallway he grabs her from behind and covers her mouth to keep the screams at bay. Whispering threats into my ear about killing me if she make a sound, he takes in her smell. You can take it from here, I could get in trouble or fired if I write more. * This is not for all women. You need a freaky one for this game.

School Girl:

Admit it, you nasty boys… you all wanted Britney Spears in the Hit Me Baby (One More Time) music video. You know what Im talking about, when she was dancing in the high school hallways wearing that kinky little skirt. The outfit is simple enough to get: you can get the bobby socks at regular clothing stores, as well as a white, lacey button up shirt. The power of the outfit lies within the little plaid skirt and you can get that at most stores selling school uniforms. If you can’t find one in her size, check online to browse selections. Once the skirt comes on though, the rest is up to you. Hands on extra credit anyone?

Roxanne and her Red Light:

This one is always fun for both parties, as long as you have a girl willing to play the usually unwanted part of a prostitute. This role play screams for a tight, slutty dress and some come-do-me heels to match. Have her wait at a predetermined corner at a predetermined time (in a SAFE neighborhood). Drive around the block, then pull up and ask what her plans are for the evening. You both get into the role with some playful verbal flirting, the she hops in (and hopefully on).

These are just some of the characters you and your lover(s) can get into, there are endless possibilities out there for you both. I’m sure that some of you are already figuring out how to ask your girlfriend if she would be willing to play along! Since everyone could use some new material now and again, write us back with your fantasy scenarios, past or hopefully future!