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Road Tripping from ATL to Nashville for the Nissan Titan Tailgate Party

Tailgating season is upon us with the 2017 NCAA Division I FBS football season in full swing. To celebrate our national collegiate teams, Nissan invited my buddy James Hills from and me to experience their Titan-take on the classic tailgate party. James and I were excited to share the ultimate tailgating experience, and flew to Atlanta Georgia, to kickstart our own fun.

After arriving at the Hilton in Atlanta, I decided to hit the pit and stop for some Georgia style BBQ: James arrived with a special delivery from Nissan – the 2017 Titan XD pickup truck for us to road trip in. The first thing that struck me about the Titan is how it really lives up to its namesake, this is a massive truck with a badass personality.

We planned to drive from Atlanta to Nashville: a 4-hour, 300-mile scenic drive through the South. If you haven’t visited the South, this is the time to do it. The trees were changing colors, and the scenery was amazing. We cranked the radio, and blasted some classic rock, and talked about how much power and strength you could feel when driving the Titan.

The College Football Hall of Fame: Atlanta Edition

The first stop on our road trip was the College Football Hall of Fame: the first thing we saw was a Titan-sized wall of helmets, featuring every college team in America. It was awesome. The Hall of Fame gave us an RFID chip, so when we went on the tour, I got to hear L.A.s stats and updates. When we got back on the road, we started talking about how the truck was too clean and new.

That’s when we decided to take a detour to see what the 2017 Titan XD could do. We stopped at a small roadside attraction and met a guy who hires out his land for off-road enthusiasts. As the Titan is a pretty wide with a mean grille, so we decided to forgo the trails, and jump right in and hit up a huge mudhole. We took turns doing donuts and throwing up mud, all of which excited the Titan as much as us.

Later that night, we met up with the rest of our Crew in Nashville. We went out for dinner, and I have to say that Nashville is one of my favorite cities. This is a music haven, and everywhere you go has rooftop bars and live music. This created a great energy for the Titan tailgate in the morning. The following day we showed up in the morning at the Nissan stadium where the Nissan Tennessee Titans play.

Tailgating at the Nissan Stadium in Style

We arrived in a Titan pickup truck display, with BBQ laid out from Peg Leg Porker: this guy was excellent and had sadly lost his leg, and ended up becoming one of the top BBQ chefs in America. The food was incredible, and we walked around checking out the new luxe features of the upgraded Titan. This pickup has everything you’d expect in a luxury sedan, but with a Titan-sized attitude and power.

Nissan wanted to make sure we got in on the action and revealed our passes. These were incredible and gave us access to the floor. As the players were warming up, we walked past the locker room, and onto the field. It was a surreal moment, and we paused to take a bunch of photos of all the excitement.

After that, we went to the executive suite, which is the top suite in the Nissan stadium, and it’s located at the 50 yard line (inside the suite there is a line to show you exactly where you are). They provided tons of fantastic food and drinks, and I loved how they incorporated the Titan truck chairs into the executive suite, so you have the most authentic tailgate experience possible. Then, to top it off, the Titans won.

Many thanks to Nissan for sharing their Southern hospitality, and their 2017 Titan XD (available for a test drive); we really couldn’t ask for a better tailgating experience. To go behind the scenes, check out #TitanTailgate on social media.