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Reasons why you need to visit the Scottish Highlands

Home to vast, dramatic landscapes, forests, and ancient castles, it is no wonder Scotland is famous for its Highlands. As well as the environmental beauty and impressive heritage, Scotland is well known for its welcoming nature, so it’s no surprise that the Highlands were named as one of National Geographic’s ‘Best of the World’ destinations for 2023.

There are countless reasons why you should consider visiting the Scottish Highlands, here are just four of them.

The landscape

First and foremost, the Highlands is beautiful. From rewilded forests and mountains to coastal waters and lochs, there are so many different ecosystems to explore during your trip. Whether you are looking to walk, cycle, or drive, you will be met with views like no other as you make your way through the area.

Talking of walking and cycling, you won’t be short of options for outdoor pursuits during your stay either. Hiking, mountain biking, and even skiing, snowboarding, and surfing are popular choices. If you plan on taking part in sporting activities, make sure you pack accordingly or enquire about equipment rental in advance.

The history

If history is more your thing, the Highlands has that in spades.

Boasting both functioning castles and castle ruins, you should consider taking a royal road trip to visit them all. Don’t worry if you aren’t travelling in a state coach, your used BMW will be perfect for getting around the Highlands.

If castles don’t interest you, fear not! There’s also a range of heritage buildings and museums that might be more your thing. As there is such a range of landmarks to see both in and outdoors, you don’t need to worry about the notoriously ‘changeable’ Scottish weather.


If the landscape and history weren’t enough of a selling point for the Highlands, it’s also home to a vast array of wildlife. From otters to dolphins, there are animals residing in Scotland that you might be surprised by.

Why not book a bird watching course or boating trip to get the most out of your stay and be taught about the animals by an expert? If this is something you want to do, don’t forget your camera as you’re sure to see things you aren’t going to want to forget, from highland cows go golden eagles!


It wouldn’t be right to mention the Scottish Highlands without giving a special mention to the nation’s drink, whisky.

If you enjoy a dram, or if you are just getting into whisky, there’s no better place than the Highlands. With various regions creating their own whisky, each with its own distinctive taste, you will have plenty to sample ­- and chances are you’ll be bringing some to bring home too!