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Reasons To Wear A Sports Watch

It is that time of the year where gym memberships are sky-high, and everyone is pumped to make a new start. Decent gear is needed if you want to work out and train to your full potential and the clothing depends on the sport. However, a good sports watch is efficient for almost any sport.


Having a decent sports watch means it should be durable and won’t break when in a fast-paced sporting environment. The material of the watch is important- depending on what you are doing. If it’s a sport where the watch is going to get bumped and hit hard surfaces then it’s best for the strap to be made of rubber as it won’t get scratched, and it can withstand it better.


Sports watches have different functions depending on the model. There are certain functions, however, that all sports watches should have. A main one is a stopwatch or a countdown timer which is useful when timing laps or sessions. Another function is a tachymeter. A tachymeter is a function either on the bezel or the outer part of the dial that can help measure speed based on travel time or distance based on speed.

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Being resistant is a number one priority. Watch companies, most notably Tag Heuer, sell watches with resistance to almost anything. Water resistance is seen in the majority of watches today, but certain diving watches can have an extreme water resistance of 500 metres or more. Others include resistance to U.V. aging, extreme temperatures, external environments, traction resistance, vibration resistance and friction resistance. It is best to find a watch with resistance best suited to your sport. For example, a watch with high water resistance for water sports or a watch with resistance to extreme temperatures and U.V. aging resistance for hiking or sports in hot climates.