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Protect Your Health: The Six Most Common Health Concerns Among Men

Unfairly or not, men have a reputation for ignoring health problems until they can’t be brushed off anymore. But what if you’re a man who wants to stick around to see grandkids grow up and enjoy the benefits of retirement? Here are six common conditions to watch out for to protect your health:

Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are the single greatest cause of death among men in the U.S. They can strike suddenly and without presenting any symptoms beforehand, so it’s important to protect your cardiovascular health with regular exercise and routine visits to your doctor. If you smoke, now is also a good time to quit.

Low Testosterone

Testosterone production naturally deceases as you age, but it can leave you feeling lethargic, moody and unable to perform in the bedroom. Supplements can help bring balance back to your body, but you should consult your doctor before adding them to your daily routine to make sure they won’t have any long-term side effects.


Do you feel weak and fatigued for no reason, or are you experiencing increased and unexplained thirsts? You may be suffering from diabetes. 12 million men have it, but only a third are aware of it, meaning that four million men are walking around with no idea of the danger they carry within themselves. Ask your doctor for a diabetes pre-screening to make sure you’re in the clear.

Sleep Apnea

If your partner complains about your snoring, it may not be as innocuous as it seems. Record yourself as you sleep and see if you can hear any catches, stops or stutters in your nighttime breathing. If so, contact a sleep specialist right away. Untreated sleep apnea can result in seizures and even heart failure.

Prostate Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 25,000 men die from prostate cancer each year. It’s second only to skin cancer in this. You should make a habit of submitting going to the doctor as often as they suggest, depending on your age, to make sure you aren’t showing any symptoms. Eliminating prostate cancer can be possible with new treatments and technology, and early treatment will make for a better outcome.


Check your blood pressure the next time you’re waiting for your prescription. If it’s above 120/80, you need to call your doctor immediately to prevent it from causing internal damage. Even a few digits above the norm can ravage your arteries, cause a stroke or increase your chances of a hemorrhage.

These are just six of the most common ailments and diseases among men. If you’re serious about protecting your health, know the warning signs and don’t scoff away any symptoms. Your vigilance may save your life one day.

Informational credit to International HIFU.